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Brian Helgeland's Warner Bros. presentation of 42 is an epic accounting of a baseball legend, arrives in theaters April 12, 2013
By Eunice Moseley 
   Academy Award winner Brian Helgeland wrote and directed the Warner Bros. Pictures presentation of 42: The True Story of an American Legend, a bio-film based on the life of the legendary Major League baseball player Jackie Robinson. A somewhat dramatic film, 42, tells an epic accounting of how Jackie Robinson, played by Chadwick Boseman (The Express), broke the race barrier in Major League Baseball. Rated-13, 42 arrives in theaters April 12, 2013.
   It's also a romantic love story between Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson played by Nicole Beharie. In addition, it is a story of two men - Robinson and Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey, played by Oscar nominated Harrison Ford (Witness) - who together changes the game of baseball forever when they spark sports' integration with Jackie's hiring in 1946.
   The acting provided by Boserman as Jackie Robinson was so epic it made me wonder if he came from a background in baseball. Beharie's portrayal of Jackie's widow Rachel was stellar and Harrison Ford's portrayal of Branch is worthy of the highest accolade.
   The brutal truth of life as a black America in that era is still shocking to me, having to confront how easy it can be to suppress a person or group of people with hate, yet have your spirits soar as the story of Jackie Robinson ends in triumph over hate with the use of patience and love. To watch how that "patience and love" spread to his team and onward is amazing to watch. This film, 42, will leave the viewer with a since of pride and a fever to prevail all suppression.
   April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day, commemorating the date of his first game as a Brooklyn Dodger. Christopher Meloni, Andre Holland, Lucas Black, Hamish Linklater and Ryan Merriman also star in 42. The film is produced by Thomas Tull, with Dick Cook, Jon Jashni and Jason Clark serving as executive producers, and Darryl Pryor and Jillian Zaks co-producing.
   Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures present 42, a Legendary Pictures Production. Visit for more information.

Dimension Films presents Scary Movie 5 with Katt Williams, Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow and Lindsey Lohan appearing, arrives in theaters April 12, 2013
scarymovie5_kattwilliams.jpg   "I got something to prove," said comedian/actor Katt Williams about his approach to his character, that of a priest, in the Dimension Films presentation of Scary Movie 5. "When I got the casting list I was #13 of the pickings."
   The Malcolm Lee directed Scary Movie 5 has a long list of cameo appearances by a list of A-listers such as Snoop Dogg, Shane "Bow Wow" Moss, Terry Crews, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and Mike Tyson. Executive produced by Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Matthew Signer and Brian Bell Scary Movie 5 is the latest in the Scary Movie franchise that spoofs Paranormal Activities, Mama, Sinister, The Evil Dead, Inception and Black Swan. Others who star in the film are Ashley Tisdale, Molly Shannon, Simon Rex, Jerry O'Connell, Sarah Hyland, Katrina Bowden, Terry Posey, Kate Walsh, Heather Locklear and Mac Miller.
   "It was so fast paced," Katt (Norbit), who can also be seen in The Obama Effect, recalled about shooting the film. "Malcolm Lee is director so we knew good hands were on the wheel."
   Katt gave a very pleasant interview, though he is known for his negative press, but he seems to take it as part of the business he happens to be in, "I've had the benefit of doing it for so long I see both sides of it. I understood, ‘don't let them take your joy,' but I never understood how they can do it. So I make everyday fresh as possible - the best of life, the best in laughter. Every time I go to sleep and wake up it's a brand new day."
Lee, on Scary Movie 5, worked alongside comedic director David Zucker (Airplane, The Naked Gun franchise), who wrote and director Scary Movie 3 and 4, and co-wrote Scary Movie 5. The Rated - R film arrives in theaters April 12, 2013.

Britain's Swing Out Sister releases CD/DVD set, ‘Private View'
swingoutsister2.jpg   Known for their "swing out" style the British natives Swing Out Sister releases their latest project, a CD and DVD set, "Private View" on Shanachie Entertainment. Swing Out Sister consists of Andy Connell and Corinne Drewery. The duo has been contributing to music history's archives for so long they've carved their own style genre, "swing out."
   "I suppose we developed the sound," Corinne said about their "genre." "Originally it was three of us, now we are down to two. I love Pop music - Motown in particular."
   When discusses the longevity of Swing Out Sister Drewery credits their ability to accept each other's differences, "We didn't start out smooth. We were always contradicting each other, especially on the first album. We had to smooth it out to make it work."
   "The fact that we are two different people (help define their sound)," she added. "We are musical people. We just kept on developing...the stuff that inspired inspires us. I think a lot of our inspirations - like most British artists - come from American music."
   The "Private View" double set has a fresh sound that I enjoyed and my favorites on the project include "Now You're Not Here," "Breakout" and the cover selection "La La Means I Love You" because they define that "swing out" sound.
   For more about Swing Out Sister and their latest release, "Private View," log onto  

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