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The Pulse of Entertainment - August 23, 2013

marqueshouston_elbow2.jpgMarques Houston shows his platinum selling skills at Jam Session for new album ‘Famous,' available August 27, 2013
By Eunice Moseley 

   In the heart of L.A. Live inside The Grammy Museum's Clive Davis Theater multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter/actor/producer Marques Houston (IMx/Immature) blew an intimate full house audience away with his performance of songs from his upcoming new album release, "Famous," on the Silent Partner/Shanachie imprint. Houston was dressed to impress with a five piece band, three background singers and one single fly-girl stylishly dancing on at least three of the songs.
    Several times I had to give the MTV Movie Award nominee a standing ovation, especially when he performed the first single off the album "Give Your Love A Try" - which features rapper Problem on the album - and stood back-up again when fellow IMx/Immature member Jerome aka Romeo did his rap assist with Romeo-perfection.
    Marques' performance of cover songs of hits from Prince and Morris Day and The Time had the theater on their feet dancing as well. The audience was also treated to a CD sampler of six of the songs on the album. According to the performances I think "Only You," "Speechless," "The Way Love Is" and the single, "Give Your Love A Try," are going to be my favorites.
    Marques Houston surely is a veteran performer who knows how to can get the audience to their feet, as well as a master vocalist with skills to win over new fans. I am so excited to see the Teen Choice nominee return to his music roots to offer us such a romantic and classical album.
    You can see Houston in the new UP TV movie The Love Letter with Jackee' Harry, which premiered this month and you can hear more of "Famous," to be released August 27, 2013, by logging onto  

Harry Lennix takes on FBI co-starring role in NBC's The Blacklist, premieres September 23, 2013
  harrylennix_theblacklist.jpg   "I thought it was intriguing. The elements were great, the cat and mouse," said actor Harry Lennix (Warner Bros.' Man of Steel) about his newest role in NBC's new drama series The Blacklist - which premiers September 23, 2013. "I was interested intellectually, to be captive and still have freedom."
    Lennix stars as FBI Assistant Director Harry Cooper.
    "He is Assistant Director of counter terrorism for the FBI," said Lennix, known also for his roles in The Five Heartbeats and Dollhouse, about his character in the NBC/Sony Television produced action-thriller. "It's dealing with terrorism, stopping them on American soil. The FBI deals with domestic terrorism and the CIA deals with international terrorism. It deals with a hot-bed of important issues."
    Harry said he has many friends who are FBI agents and he has played FBI characters in the past so taking on FBI Agent Harry Cooper wasn't a stretch for him.
    Chicago native Lennix can also be seen in the dramatic film Mr. Sophistication where he plays veteran/comedian/actor Ron Waters, a washed up comedian who has been given a second chance.
    "It tells the story of Ron Waters, a comedian inspired by Richard Pryor...who lives their lives artistically on stage...which turns into satire," pointed out Harry. "He blows his career and gets a second chance. It (his performances) revealed things about himself that is compelling."
    You can learn more about Harry Lennix by logging onto  

New York Met's Todd Dulaney goes Gospel in a powerful way, releases video to debut's titled single ‘Pulling Me Through'
  todddelaney.jpg    Five year professional New York Met's baseball player Todd Dulaney's transition into the Gospel world with the release of his debut album's title single "Pulling Me Through," along with a music video - a live performance, is impacting the Gospel industry in a powerful way.
    "I followed the voice of Christ," said Todd about his move from professional baseball to that of a Gospel singer and Worship Leader at Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, Il. "It was my relationship with Christ...I never had one...and I got one and everything took a back seat."
    Dulaney graduated from a Lutheran High School in Maywood, Il and his athletic skills insured him a career in professional baseball - where he played for the New York Mets.
    "I made a decision. I walked away from baseball," said Todd about the big transition in his life. "Men and women of God said I was crazy to leave $330,000 a year."
    But as those of us who followed God's voice in spite of how crazy we seem to the world know, it will paid off. It paid off for Dulaney because he is much happier spreading the Gospel of Christ by entertaining us with song than he was entertaining us with the sport of baseball. If you listen and watch the music video to his single "Pulling Me Through" you will see why. Not only is he at ease onstage, but his vocals are superb and brings a fresh new sound to the Gospel music industry.
    "The album is out now. I've seen the manifestation of everything God said," Dulaney pointed out. "I've seen the fruit of everything God said...I'm being booked all over the world, my first album received a Stellar Award nomination, I'm married, have two kids and a home."
    Todd said he is totally disconnected from the game of baseball except when friends play or go to the game together for fun.
"Part of me miss it...the competition...the hand to hand contact," he confessed.
Todd Dulaney has shared the stage with Gospel's greatest Contemporary artists such as Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Michele Williams, Donnie McClurkin, Dr. Bobby Jones and Tye Tribett. Learn more about Dulaney or watch his music video to the "Pulling Me Through" album at 

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