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The Pulse of Entertainment - August 2, 2013

tenillehouston.jpg Tenille Houston co-stars in Bret Ellis' The Canyons, in theaters August 2, 2013
By Eunice Moseley 

   An uploaded audition resulted in actress Tenille Houston (She Wants Me) co-starring with Lindsay Lohan in Bret Easton Ellis' (American Psycho) psycho-erotic-dramatic-thriller, The Canyons, to hit theaters August 2, 2013. Ellis is the screenwriter and Paul Schrader (American Gigolo) is the director.
   "I took the role because the script is brilliant and it's an amazing set of people," said Sacramental native Tenille Houston about her role as Cynthia in The Canyon. "I love dark gritty psycho films and I love Bret's work."
   Houston's other co-star is porn star James Deen, her love interest. It's the normal drama of entangled love, lust and affairs set in the hills of Hollywood, with the famous Bret Ellis psycho twists and turns. In working with Lindsay Lohan, Tenille explains, "I didn't know what to expect from the cast. I heard rumors that Lindsay was hard to work with, but everything turned out better than I expected. Everyone was professional."
   Tenille Houston also stars in a Yahoo! web-series "The Flip Side." Her credits also include co-starring with Hilary Duff in the Charlie Sheen produced indie film She Wants Me, ABC's Kristen Chenoweth series "GCB," "How I Met Your Mother" and "Desperate Housewives."
   The Canyon is a Bret Easton Ellis Film, IFC Films Distributed. Braxton Pope is producer and Gus Van Saint, Nolan Gerard Funk and Amanda Brooks complete the cast.

Marques Houston is back with vocals better than ever, releases single ‘Give Your Love A Try'
Marques-Houston-Tripple-Threat-2013.jpg   "I think inspiration for the album is my fans," said multi-platinum selling Marques Houston (IMx/Immature) about his newest solo album release "Famous" and its second single "Give Your Love A Try." "I took a break to get into my acting...executive side. My fans kept saying you got to put more music out. The album is full of live instrumentals, a sexy Soul sound...something different."
   Going by the single we will hear a very much more matured Houston showing also a high vocal range that he does effortlessly. I have always been a fan of his vocals but if the album sounds anything like the vocals on this single and its first single release "Speechless," it will certainly be an award winning project.
   "The industry is so full of ‘He said, she said,' we forgot about the music," said the artist formerly known as Batman. "I made it about the music. I want to make a classic album...soulful music."
   On the single "Give Your Love A Try" it features rapper Problem whose skills I truly admire.
   "I'm a big fan of Problem and so I reached out and made it happen," said Marques when asked about the collaboration.
   Aside from his upcoming "Famous" album Houston says he has a movie with Jackee' Harry coming out titled The Love Letter.
   Houston started out in the entertainment business at a very young age in 1999 in a group he co-founded called Immature (later named IMx) with manager Chris Stokes. The other group members are Romeo (Jerome Jones) and LDB (Kelton Kessie). Marques Houston is a singer, songwriter, actor, producer and rapper. He received an MTV Movie Award nomination for his film You Got Served and a Teen Choice Award nomination for his television comedy-series "Cuts."
   Marques' 3rd album "Veteran" debuted at #5 on Billboard 200 Chart and #1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Charts. His 5th solo release "Naked" reached #5 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Charts. "Famous" will be his 6th solo album release.
   Houston, known for his role as Roger on the ABC series "Sister, Sister," is currently on tour with an all female band. Learn more by logging onto  

Sirius XM Radio's Cayman Kelly, claiming the crown for voice-over work in Hollywood
caymankelly.jpg   It's always been a passion of mine to do more than just radio," said Sirius XM's "Heart and Soul Channel" radio personality Cayman Kelly about his career moves in voice-over and acting. "I got comfortable...I got use to it (radio)...I had to survive. When you get comfortable you don't force your hand. I was forced."
   Based in Washington, DC Kelly is family oriented with a rich vocal tone that radio loves. The national radio show gives Cayman the opportunity to meet and interview the entertainment industry's greatest artists such as Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and Janet Jackson.
   "My interviews are diffidently sit-down conversations," pointed out Kelly about his style. "I enjoy escape was through music, but some things I don't like. The philosophy on how they approach (the audience)...find a different way to reach people."
   As an actor Cayman's credits include "West Wing" and voice-over hosting for "Live from LA" for the BET Network. Learn more about Cayman Kelly by logging onto

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