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Eugeniapic.jpgKleopatra's Ringside Report:
By Eugenia Wright
Pop/R&B/Hip Hop singer Trueful was center of all the eye candy at Willie Gault's fundraiser for his charity AFL (Athletes For Life)

There's nothing like a pretty woman to catch one's eye and such was the case with the recent Willie Gault's Athletes For Life celebration held at Falcon nightclub to bring awareness to health and fitness as a desired way of life for everyone. It was girls, girls, girls and beautiful girls of all types that comprised the Bikini Candy Tour models. For a guy it was like a kid in the candy store.

There were many celebs in the house including Omar Gooding, Tiny Lister, music artist Trueful (seen above,Allen Payne, Damon Wayans, Quinton Aaron, Real and Chance, Jamie Foxx and the night's host comedian Chris Spencer, to name a few.


Everyone was waiting for the Foxx to show up on the red carpet but he slid in on the sly at the twilight hour.

If you were a woman, after seeing the Bikini Candy Tour models, you would want to run to Jenny Craig the next morning or drink a mocha chocolate Slim Fast 3 times a day for a year!!!! (LOL)

It was a fun party. Falcon is one of my favorite clubs with a huge Spanish courtyard and built in massive fireplace and comfy sofas and in door and outdoor seating area. The interior has a contrasting Euro-Asian design. The bar outside was jammed with one female bartender and although she was swamped she handled her biz very cool like a bottle of Ciroc on ice.

The Athletes for Life (AFL) partywas a wake up call at least for me, to get into shape. Summer is almost here and I want to fit into one of those little skimpy white dresses. Thanks Willie, you made your point.

Shout out to Reyna for the invite. (Photo: R&B performer Trueful surrounded by Eye Candy. Photo Credits: Vinni Ratcliff)

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