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Eugeniapic.jpgKleopatra's Ringside Report:
By Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl

Bianca Brown, daughter of famous music producer makes stunning entrance in canary yellow

Bianca Brown, daughter of famous music producer/percussionist Ollie E. Brown (discography: made a stunning entrance at the Art & Spirit of Fashion sponsored by Macy's @ The Hold Up Art Gallery, fashion presentation downtown LA.

The minute the statuesque young twenty year old hit the door, the photogs and guys made a B line for Bianca, literally "holding up" flow of traffic. Hotties posing with Bianca inclued Pop/R&B singer Trueful and Cameron.

Ms. Brown aspires to be on par with legendary model Tyra Banks one day. Attending a Hollywood chic chic fashion exhibit wearing an eye-popping bright canary yellow designer dress and matching stiletto open toe shoes for all the hot new designers and papparazzos to see is a good way to start.

BiancaTruefulCameron.jpgBianca made her rounds perusing the latest fashion designers work on display scorching the ground with every step.

Other fashionistas in the house included fashion designers Parris Harris,Lynette Tyner, actress Blanca Blanco, twin group 2-Uneek, Cameron and up and coming urban sytlist Krystal French, to name a few. Music event producer Jarvee Hutcherson was also in the house.

(Photo: Urban R&B's Trueful, Bianca Brown and Cameron. Photo Credit: Donald Carraway)

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