"Latina women according to Bel Hernandez" by Eugenia Wright

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Eugeniapic.jpgKleopatra's Ringside Report:
By Eugenia Wright

Latina women according to Bel Hernandez publisher of Latin Heat Magazine

In answer to the call, Bel along with four other lovely entertainment personalities including comedienne Dyana Ortelli, singer Marabina, and Latin Heat correspondent/actress Kikey Castillo have formed a powerful group that will take the plunge into areas of love, sex, education and draw upon subjects from viewer input via "Let's Talk." The show targets an internet audience but they aspire to reach network status if there is enough interest. The chemistry between all of the hosts is solid. Bel revealed that unlike The View where there was trial and error in locking in the dream group, they clicked the very first time.

On the night of the launch party for "Let's Talk" hosted by 92.3's Josefa Salinas held at Mama Juana's in Studio City, Latin Heat pulled out all the stops. Guests were able to watch a trailer for the show, meet the show's pretty hosts and enjoy music by a Latin Jazz ensemble. Of course there was lots of salsa dancing and for those who didn't know how to salsa, lessons were offered by Walter Jones (former Power Ranger).

Twenty-one year old singer Trueful was on hand to support Kikey Castillo who had recently attended his CD listening party at the Acqua Lounge in Beverly Hills but he was super thrilled to meet Walter Jones. In Trueful's youth Walter Jones as one of the dynamic Power Rangers was his super hero.

Celebrities on hand included: Show's hostesses Bel Hernandez, Dyana Ortelli, singer Marabina, actress Kikey Castillo, Pop R&B Singer Trueful, Buddy Sampson (publisher of the Scoop LA), Mamasitas, EURweb's Eugenia Wright, dancer Krystal French, celebrity photographer Donald Carraway, Josefa Salinas of 92.3 FM and electrifying Brazilian dancer Anna.


(L to R: French Royalty dancer Kyrstal, Walter Jones and singer Trueful. Photo Credit: Donald Carraway)

(Top Photo: L to R, Marabina, Kikey Castillo, R&B singer Trueful, Dyana Ortelli and Bel Hernandez. Photo Credit: Donald Carraway)

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