"papaLee's 'SOULvival'" by Eugenia Wright

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Eugeniapic.jpgKleopatra's Ringside Report:
By Eugenia Wright

'SOULvival' music artist, papaLee
"Lip gloss will drip."

"SOULvival" the new album from Pop/R&B/Soul singer nee' William Hanford Lee Jr. aka papaLee set for a July 2010 release date is the perfect gumbo of pop/rock/ soul and funky blues. Given the current economic melt down in the country, most people are going to be able to relate to the lyrics of songs such as the gospel influenced "Pray" (for me) or "SOULvival" (title track)...collectors at's tough out here or, "Just Is"'s coming...ain't got no date. But beyond that, everyone will be able to relate to the funky beats and rhythms used to express this all too real, reality. Yeah, papaLee's lyrics are right on point painting the plight of a deep-pocketed society with a serious hole.

When all else fails one can forget about their problems by making a pit stop to the local bar as signified by "Up in Here." Feisty bad girl comic Luenell lends her voice to this track as one of the girls hanging out at the bar. Funny ad-libs from Lu will make you crack up.

papalee.jpgNo matter, what the problem, love always flourishes and papaLee shows off a Louisiana-style soulful flair with "Lovin Man." Warning: Ladies this will make you unbutton the top three buttons of your blouse. Lip-gloss will drip.

From strings to keyboard to vocals, papaLee is a gifted, skilled and polished music artist. I'm sure he could play a washboard and add zydeco to his repertoire.

Somehow, papaLee has managed to capture the best of a variety of music genres in "SOULvival." Stirred up, it makes a potent house brew. Take a sip and get high on papaLee.

The only down side is that "SOULvival" has 10 tracks, which will leave you wanting at least two or more, more, more. C'mon papaLee give it up!

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