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The Rebellious Beauty: Definition of the True Gichi Gamba
I recently interviewed longtime LA based actor, producer and stuntman, Mr. Gichi Alton Ross Gamba. When you hear his name you know it sounds powerful and unique; ' it stays with you. , When you hear his voice, its smooth, intellectual, and yet intoxicating. It sends you on a journey of wonder. When you see his face and see the strong features you will know it's real. His presence shows strength, character, and melanin as his eyes continue to speak volumes without uttering any more words. Beyond all of this, I managed to have a great conversation with Gichi Gamba about longevity in Hollywood, the entertainment business, his new projects and much more. He shared some genuine, passionate and enlightening information.

Originally, a Milwaukee native, Gichi Gamba grew up in a large religious family and was kept busy in the church and additional activities in his community, with family performances (he also plays the guitar. Gichi's mother's foresight to keep her youngest child safe in the changing climate of Milwaukee's neighborhoods when she cultivated an undeniable connection between Gichi and his creative expression. "As a child, I always loved to perform in church plays" says Gichi,"I loved playing those strong characters in church productions- like Dr. Martin Luther King and playing Jesus" states Gichi.

As Gichi continued to grow and develop while attending the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee , he was chosen to be a part of the internationally known Ko -Thi dance company as a "dance trainee" . The founder, Ferne Caulker- Bronson, and her great team of musicians, performance artist and dancers further assisted Gichi with his full development as a dancer and performer. In addition to being exposed to new levels of professional training and travel, Gichi thinks back and says "I developed my creativity in a non-traditional way I did not attend a school of the arts" he states. Combining his non-traditional experiences from his early years, including the opportunities provided by his mother and the church, to the tutelage and mentoring while working with Ko- thi curated, Gichi's unsung talents for his next endeavor as a member of the 90's hip-hip, neo-soul influencer group "Gumbo", with Fulani Faluke and Deanna Dawn ( an early Lucy Pearl concept). They were under Arrested Development's founder/leader Speech Thomas' Vagabond productions. "I traveled the world with Gumbo, Arrested Development, and Digable Planets" states Gichi. "The influences changed my life forever" he went on to say," I felt the Buzz." Gichi would drive across country to audition for BET's "Rap City" in DC and shortly after in 1994 (during an earthquake) he moved to LA with $200 in his pocket. "I had my analog cell phone and a sky pager and there was no plan B- nothing else I wanted to do"

Since then Gichi has done nothing but perform. After Gumbo, he would go on to work with Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Shakira in music videos, then go on to appear in commercials for Gatorade, Coorslight and the Gap . He also had cameos on various television shows, independent films, and classics including "Straight Outta Compton" and "The Hit".
Gichi oozes consistency, commitment and greatness. He has sustained a place in Hollywood and worked in various areas of the entertainment business over the last 25 years. The roles have been an endless road of building blocks, determination and the true meaning of climbing higher and higher to get to your goals and success.

"One thing that I have learned is the value of relationships" Gichi states. "I sent Joseph Kahn [Rush Hour, Power Rangers] a slow motion of me performing martial arts and he picked me to be in the "Power Rangers" movie." Social Media is a valuable tool, its powerful" he says. "You have to find a way to stay on people's minds", Gichi states.

Gichi Alton Ross Gamba has stayed on our minds and within our view for close to 3 decades. His resume, his body of work, and awesome talent/craft add to his recent lead role as Raymond in the upcoming "A House Divided" (Urban Movie Chanel- Bob Johnson) out July 18, 2019, and his mainstream role of Slab on "L.A.'s Finest"- all of which will elevate him to the next level. Gichi is as an actor that has developed over time and this is his season to be fully recognized. "I cease each moment" states Gichi. He' s versatile, humble and has an awesome work ethic. "I've just been grateful to be on set and enjoy working with other actors/actresses that lift me and my abilities. You need good energy around you" Gichi states.

Gichi is a creative vessel that never gives up. He maintains the authenticity of the characteristics of his names true meaning. He is a warrior spirit, he has pride and culture within himself and the industry. "My ultimate role is Shaka Zulu" Gichi states, as if looking forward to a premonition that truly fits his persona, looks, and versatile acting abilities.

"I like magical, powerful Black characters" he continues, "Like the Marvel Universe/Wakanda or James Cameron /Avatar franchises". Gichi's ability to merge into his characters is truly a gift. He is a dancer, a performer, a host, a fitness guru, a father, brother, a producer and a brilliant actor. He has been faithful to the process and the preservation of his craft. Gichi will continue to reengage, recharge, and redesign himself and Hollywood with true tradition of bravery and excellence. This journey of creativity and a continuum- of a man that has taken his time to develop and understands his role of carrying a legacy to future generations, beyond his career, beyond high level of perseverance, and beyond his performance., He has stamina and staying power as a fitness guru, a son, a father, a brother, producer and a brilliant actor. It all makes him the truth and the true definition of Gichi Gamba..Look up the meanings or let him continue to show you and the world what it all means.

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JeneanneCollins_RebelliosBeauty3.jpg"The Rebellious Beauty" column is written by Baltimore Stylist and Make-up Expert Jeneanne Collins. Email comments to Collins at You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook at @JenenneCollins and Instagram @rebelliousbeautystyle. 




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