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Tanya Blount and husband Michael Trotter, Jr. release duet album ‘Love Affair'

blountTrotter_TanyaBlunt_MichaelTrotter2.jpg     "As children we imagine riding the rainbow. We're older and our imaginations have changed," said Michael Trotter Jr. about the concept of the title of a song he released with his wife soulful R&B vocalist/actress Tanya Blount (Sister's Act: Back in the Habit) titled "Imagine," first single from their duet album release "Love Affair." They released another version of the single in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton titled "Imagine...Hillary Clinton."
The Beatles have a hit single "Imagine" written by John Lennon and I asked if there was any connection between the two and Michael said, "The Beatles to me represented every human emotion you can feel. That band was so important. Their career speaks writing about Ashford and Simpson. Most the 70s and 60s was trying to push our culture to togetherness."
     The "Love Affair" album release is the couple's first project together. Trotter, Jr. is a singer but was devoted to the U.S. military serving two tours in Iraq before he was wounded.
     "I didn't think I would make it back home," Michael said in remembrance of his time at war. "I only knew music was what I love, it was soothing. A lot of times they said Trotter why don't you sing?"
     His wife, Tanya Blount (Preacher's Kids) is a Soul Train Award nominee and is best known for her memorable performance in the film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit where she sang a duet with Lauryn Hill of the Old Spiritual Hymn "His Eye Is on the Sparrow." When asked why they released a remix of their single "Imagine" for political reasons and in support of Hillary Clinton and Trotter, Jr. said, "It's very interesting. My dad called, he works for the train system in Baltimore on the tracks, and he told me that Hillary Clinton herself called a lot of them. She spoke to each one of them personally to hear their concerns. She said she called to see if she had any similar stories to what they were going through...She was Senator and the 1st Lady and she learned...         
‘Imagine' getting behind a candidate that spends time with you."
      Information about the Tanya Blount and Michael Trotter, Jr. "Love Affair" project, the single "Imagine" and the lyric video remake of it "Imagine...Hillary Clinton" it can be found at You can follow them on social media platforms at @TrotterBlount on Twitter and @TrotterandBlount on Instagram. 

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