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Brooklyn and India make Sandaraa, see the duo perform in Baltimore and DC this weekend

Zeb_Michael.jpg    "It was something about his skills," said Pakistani Pop star Zeb Bangash about her music partner clarinetist Michael Winograd who together make the duo Sandaraa. "It really connected well with our folk music. We performed in DC the first time we played together it was so fresh for worked within the tradition (of our music)."
    Michael, a Brooklyn native, specializes in Yiddish or Klezmer music and it fits perfectly with Zeb's India flavored Pop vocals. The duo is touring to promote their upcoming album release and will be performing Friday, May 13, 2016 at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore starting at 8 p.m. and Saturday May 14th at the Tropicalia in Washington, DC at 8 p.m.
    "You learn after collaborating that there's going to always be similarities," said Winograd who is also a member of the Yiddish Art Trio and the Tarras Band. "We had met through mutual acquaintances. Someone I know as a scholar in Jewish and Turkish music...Zeb was doing a concert and we cross paths with him. He gave her a CD of my music. Later in the U.S. she was playing in DC... in a conversation with her he said. ‘I know a clarinetist.' She had been listening to my music on her iPhone!"
    So that is how Michael Winograd and Pop star Zeb Bangash became a duo mixing Klezmer and Pakistani music into Sandaraa fresh sound.
    "We start touring in May for the new CD launch," Michael said. "(On the album) You will find old songs of Pakistani music and Klezmer music and it worked for us."
On the making of the Sandaraa album Zeb said, "Everyone came together pretty naturally...everyone can be heard."
    Zeb said collaborating with Michael was so natural.
     "I could never have planned something like this. It just kind of happened at an interesting time. Haniya decided to do her own thing in Canada I was desperately used to doing music with someone else. So it was great timing," Bangash said.
     Haniya and Zeb was a MTV Music Award winning Pop duo in Pakistan. Haniya was the guitarist/vocalist and Zeb sang lead vocals. They became one of Pakistan's most loved performers and well known Pakistani songwriters. Their music is classified in as Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Classical Music Blues, and Easy Listening. Zeb Bangash studied in the U.S. at Smith College and has record songs for a long list of Bollywood films.
    "In Folk music the name of the game is freelance," Winograd added. "People (musicians) work with multiple groups. That is true for everyone I've worked with in the band (of seven people)."
    Michael Winograd is Jewish. His music is Klezmer and he collaborated in other groups, such as the Yiddish Art Trio and Tarras Band. Michael also teachers at Jewish Music Workshops and released a solo album in 2012. Sandaraa's self titled album was released May 8, 2016. Learn more about Sandaraa and their other tour dates by logging onto

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