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Guitarist Tyler Reese Makes Jazz Fusion His Own in ‘Reminiscence' Release

"I get to work with players way better than me," said guitarist Tyler Reese about the difference in being a session musician for Country artists and being the lead musician in his own Jazz session for his solo album "Reminiscence" (REMU Records). "I am totally learning every aspect. Not that the other players aren't good but they have a different mentality (Country verses Jazz)."

Reese describes his music as Jazz Fusion and I can clearly see why in listening to the "Reminiscence" project. It has the unpredictability of Jazz and the strings and beats that Country and Funk is branded for. Jeff Silverman is producer with Tyler and the first single release "Moving On" is one of my favorites on the project.
"Jeff is a good friend," Reese added about his co-producer. "He helped me lay it out."

The "Moving On" single appears on the album twice at the beginning and the end. The last version being the radio track - I like both. The first shows clearly Tyler Reese's style for fusing Jazz with Country and Funk. The Funk influence of the 23 year old prodigy comes from the influence of Prince who summoned him once to Paisley Park to play for him. The radio version of "Moving On" has Reese going crazy on the acoustic guitar while the piano keys of Paul Rucker successfully keep up. I also like "2 Funk" because it has that Prince influence too and I love that quick drum solo which gave it that Jazz uncertainty. I also like the title track "Reminiscence" for its sweetness and angelic feel and "Headed Out" because of its Country flavor with the viola or violin strings of Tim Larsch and the upright bass of Mark Fain giving it that Tyler Reese Fusion Jazz sound.

"The stuff I wrote is not in the same vein of straight ahead Jazz," Tyler said when explaining to me what Jazz Fusion will sound like for listeners of the project. "There is some Smooth Jazz, some Funk and some Rock - an incorporation of multiple genres."

Musicians on the project - aside from Fain, Larsch and Rucker - are Gary Grainger and Carl White on bass; Toby Fairchild on drums; Matthew Burgess on percussion; Roy Agee on trombones; Vinnie Ciesielski on trumpet and Tyler Summers on sax. Aside from studying under the legend Prince Tyler was taught by 20-time Grammy winning guitarist Metheny and at Berklee College of Music. Learn more about Tyler Reese and his "Reminiscence" album release by logging onto

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