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Darron Aronofsky’s Noah, starring Russell Crowe, is an epic interpretation of the Biblical tale, in theaters March 28, 2014

By Eunice Moseley 

Darron Aronofsky’s Paramount Pictures presentation of Noah, starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe (Gladiator) as Noah, inspired by the Biblical character is an epic interpretation, and it arrives in theaters March 28, 2014. Aronofsky is the director and co-screenwriter, along with Ari Handel. Their creative version of the story of Noah’s Ark will force you to pick up the Bible to see what variations were made.

Crowe did an outstanding award worthy performance as Noah the man hand picked by God to save his precious living creations. It is said that one thing Darron stayed true to, to the letter, was how the ark was made. A massive “ship” made from wood that was big enough to carry a male and female of every living species known to man at the time. Noah’s immediate family were the only ones to be saved from the rain waters, rains they had never experienced before, that consumed and destroy every living thing not on the ark.

Academy and Golden Globe winner Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind) played Noah’s wife Naameh and gave an outstanding performance, as well as Logan Lerman who played Noah’s son Ham. In the film Ham was a rebellious head-strong son. Douglas Booth who played Noah’s son Sham was the obedient one who took on a wife Lla played by Teen Choice Award winner Emma Watson (Harry Potter) - whom in the film was saved as a little girl by Noah as she laid dying along the side of the road.  

Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lamb), as always gave a performance worthy of honors, he played Noah’s Holy Father Methuselah who in the film possessed powers that only God could have given. International Emmy Award winner Ray Winstone played a descendent of Cain, Tubal-cain, the child of Adam and Eve cursed for killing his brother Abel. He gave an excellent performance as well of a ruthless king determined to save himself from the world’s destruction.

Also in the cast is Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte (48 Hours) the voice of Samyaza the leader of the Watchers (Fallen Angels) who eventually helped Noah build and protect the ark. Kevin Durand was Watcher Og who saved and protected Noah from his fellow Watchers who initially wanted nothing to do with the “humans.” Rated PG-13 Noah is shown in 2D and IMAX theaters.

Erica Campbell of Mary Mary debuts solo album, ‘Help,’ on eOne Music, garners Grammy nomination


“I wanted to keep going and Tina wanted to slow down,” said Erica Campbell of the Contemporary Gospel sister duo Mary Mary about why she released a solo album, “Help,” which first single “A Little Bit More Jesus” received a Grammy Award nomination. “Me and Tina had talked about it. She said, ‘Go on…’ I let it flow. We did initially have a concept in mind, but it turned into something different. It’s music from my heart.”

Together with her sister Tina Campbell as Mary Mary Erica had already garnered multi-Grammy, NAACP Image, BET and Stellar Awards, but “Help” is all her. The album is full of Contemporary Inspiration and Gospel songs. When asked which song on the album was her favorite, as with her sister Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins a celebrity stylist I interviewed at the BET Celebration of Gospel tapping, she picked “Eddie” a song she penned for her father who passed away last year.

“’Eddie’ is about my dad. Warryn asked me to do a song about him and I wasn’t sure I could do it without crying,” she confessed. “I started to write it and burst into tears but I kept writing.”

Warryn Campbell, Erica’s husband is executive producer of the “Help” project released on their own label My Bock Inc/eOne Music. It includes song writing help from Gerald and Tammi Haddon on the “I’m A Fan,” Percy Bady penned “Changes,” and label mate Music Soulchild, Tina Campbell, and Marvin Winans, Jr. provided background vocals.

“I want them to be encouraged, let it take you through all the emotions,” Campbell said about what she would hope the listeners get from the “Help” project. “God is our help…he is the reason we exist and its only through his strength we survive.”

Of the 13 selections on the “Help” album my favorites include “You Are” for it has a nice Pop sound; “A Little More Jesus” for its finger snapping Holy-Ghost flavor; “I’m A Fan” a sweet love song to a wonderful God; “All I Need Is You” a great Contemporary Gospel selection surely to be a hit; “Changes” a nice smooth Contemporary number, and “P.O.G.” an anthem of the power of God. You can follow Erica Campbell on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @ImEricaCampbell. 


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