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chappie_scene.jpgColumbia Pictures' Chappie is evolution at its best, arrives in IMAX theaters March 6, 2015

Imagine a world where police are replaced by robots that follow command without question, can be destroyed and rebuilt again, that was Chappie's life until they decided to scrap him. In Columbia Pictures' Sci-Fi action drama Chappie you will see evolution at its best as Chappie played by Sharito Copley (District 9) is saved by his creator Deon played by Dev Ratel (Slum Millionaire). Deon uploads into Chappie a test program that gives him a conscious mind - the ability to think and feel. Chappie arrives at IMAX theaters March 6, 2015.

Directed by Neill Blomkemper (District 9) Chappie excellently gives the viewer an almost realistic view of the future where law enforcement is aided by droid, and the result of what that would do to a society. While stealing the parts to the droid its creator is kidnapped by a street gang played by South African Hip-Hop group Die Antwoord's members Ninja as leader Watkin and Yolandi who plays his lady of the same name. They hope that the stolen robotics expert can build them a "gangster" robot they will steal enough to pay a multi-million dollar debt owed to by the city's biggest gang lord.
Sigourney Weaver plays Michelle Bradley head of the company that produces the droids and she is manipulated by robotics expert Vincent Moore, played by Hugh Jackman, to use his droid creation called Moose instead of the humanoid robot created by Deon. For Chappie times is running out. What he does to survive will give you hope in humanity.

Chappie is Rated PG-13 and is written by BlomKemp and Terri Tatchell (District 9). It also stars Jose Pablo Cantillo and news anchor Anderson Cooper makes a cameo appearance.
You can log onto for the movie trailer on Columbia Pictures' Chappie log onto

BMI's ‘I Wrote That Song' brings trade secrets to Hollywood


"The genesis of the project was really about providing the fans, the consumers with a chance to hear the creative process," said Catherine Brewton, BMI's Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations in Atlanta, about the recent BMI "I Wrote That Song" panel held at 1Oak in West Hollywood. 
Panelists included Grammy Award nominated Hip-Hop mogul/rapper Rick Ross (Maybach Music Group); five-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Ester Dean (Rihanna's "Rude Boy, Kate Perry's Fireworks"); Grammy and BMI Award winning songwriter/producer David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You"); Grammy nominated producer Mannie Fresh (Cash Money Records, Def Jam Records), and Country songwriter Natalie Hemby (Mirana Lambert's "White Lie," Kelly Clarkson's "Don't Rush").

"They are sharing their stories and trade secrets," Catherine stressed. "It's free information that you can't get...there is no price, things that are just invaluable."

Aspiring artists, songwriters, songwriters and managers stood in line outside of the club for almost an hour for a chance to get into the free BMI event, they came in ready and eager to learn and network.

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc,) is a global leader in music rights management. It manages over 8.5 million musical works owned by over 600,000 BMI songwriters, composers, and music publishers. BMI was the first performing rights organization to create the "open door" policy in 1939 welcoming Jazz, Country and American Roots genres.

The "I Wrote That Song" is Grammy "infused," and held during Grammy Award week, and moderated by Catherine Brewton. To learn more about other BMI events and opportunities log onto 

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