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OWN_tylerperry_series_tikaSumpter_kendrajohnson.jpgOWN to air its first two scripted series May 28-29, 2013 produced by Tyler Perry

    "I connect with Linda in a lot of ways," said Kendra C. Johnson ("Phat Girlz") about her role in the Tyler Perry produced comedy series "Love Thy Neighbor" to air on OWN as one of its first scripted programs to air Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. "I auditioned...I did a film with Mr. Perry and...the casting director told me."
    The day before "Love Thy Neighbor" airs, OWN will also air its first scripted drama, "The Haves and the Gave Nots," on May 28th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
    "It's quit fun playing a bad girl," said Tika Sumpter, who plays an estranged daughter in the primetime drama also executive produced by Tyler and Ozzie Areu. "I'm excited to work with Tyler and Oprah...this is his baby."
    The drama follows the lives of a powerful family and their hired help set in a mansion in Savannah, Georgia. Though successful and rich behind the scenes of their life is a dysfunctional family. John Schneider plays the patriarch of this family in "The Haves and the Have Nots" who is a powerful judge living a double life which includes a continuous flow of affairs that threatens his family and political ambitions. His wife, played by Renee Lawless, is the loving and dutiful partner willing to do anything to protect the family "status." Aaron O'Connell plays their son forever in and out of rehab and Jaclyn Betham plays his sister a struggling law student.
    Crystal Fox plays the family maid who treasures another kind of wealth such as her dutiful son played by Tyler Lepley. Her only dark secret is an estranged daughter played by Sumpter a manipulative woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Eva Tamargo, Angela Robinson, Peter Parros and Gavin Houston also star in the drama-series.
    "This ("The Haves and The Have Nots") is based on his play," said Sumpter pointed out.
    The comedy, "Love Thy Neighbor," follows the day-to-day happenings in a family run restaurant where food is served with a side order of life lessons and laughs. Patrice Lovely plays the matriarch of the family which includes her daughter (Kendra) who is dealing with a cheating husband and college graduate son played by Andre Hall. Her son shares an apartment with his best friend played by Jonathan Chase who has brought distractions to their lives in the form of two beautiful co-workers played by Zulay Henao and Darmirra Brunson. There is also an uncle that just won't go away played by Palmer Williams ("House of Payne")

Gospel's Javen releases new album, ‘Worship In the Now,' creating a ministry movement
   javen3.jpg   Gospel singer/actor/author and television host Javen releases his newest album "Worship in the Now," after the successful release of the project's first single "Worshipper in Me." The man of many talents, which also includes being a spokesperson for World Vision, a Christian Humanitarian organization dedicated to children, families and communities worldwide, was also a worship leader at a mega-church.
    "I enjoy music and singing. I love the opportunity to participate in acting also," Javen said about his many accomplishments. As an actor he was lead in a theatrical production of "A Raisin in the Sun" and in an Off-Broadway production of "The Rock and the Rabbi." He appeared in feature films One Night with the King starring Omar Sharif, Abandoned starring Britney Murphy and Preacher's Kid starring Clifton Powell and LaToya Lockett. "I did musicals first and then moved to L.A. 10 years ago."
    Javen was also a co-host of the "Paula White Show" on BET for about a year while still frequenting as a guest performer.
    "It was a change of seasons in my life," Javen explained about leaving the television host job for that of a recording artist. "It was while working for Paula as a worshipper that I released my first record. I didn't move for the movies, I moved here (Los Angeles) to live."
    "Worship in the Now," his seventh project, is a live recording inspired by a suggestion from his friend Israel Houghton.
"Live records are the most challenging," Javen pointed out to me when I mentioned how I love listening to live albums. "It's a little more expensive. A studio CD you can take your time, a live CD everything has to be ready at once. I had a vision to have difference artists on stage at the same make it about God."
    Javen said his latest album has become a movement because of the inspirations from God he has received to expand it into a workshop type-ministry to reach the masses, which he calls Worship in the Now Ministry Conferences. The conferences are two-days of seminars, guest speakers and more which has toured to San Diego, Atlanta, GA and Tampa, Fl. He has also released a short book "100 Things You Need to Know in Life."
    "We've touched about 3,000 people at the conferences," he concluded. "But people couldn't wait until the next conference so God said do Bible Study (online)."
    You can learn more about the ministry movement at and more on the live album, "Worship in the Now," at  

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