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Walt Disney's The Good Dinosaur is a story of a bond of two unlikely friends

The Walt Disney Pictures presentation The Good Dinosaur is a 3D animation about a bond of two unlikely friends who started out as enemies and ended up as each others’ hero. Directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Denise Ream, The Good Dinosaur is about Arlo a baby Apatosaurus who gets lost and the one human that his father wanted him to kill, to save their crop of corn from being eaten, ends up being his hero. His hero is an orphaned cave boy, he named Spot, who is just a baby himself that has survived on his own and has learned a thing or two about food and shelter.

The Good Dinosaur is a comedy/drama that will make you laugh, cry and cheer on the two unlikely friends as they survive life’s dangers. Raymond Ochoa (Drake & Josh) is the voice of Arlo, Jack Bright is the voice of cave boy Spot, and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale, The Hunger Games) is the voice of Arlo’s father Poppa Henry. Rated PG The Good Dinosaur follows Arlo’s almost impossible journey back home after accidental death of his father. As he follows Spot to find food, shelter and his home near Clawed-Tooth Mountain the cave boy teachers him to be brave, something his father Poppa Henry was trying to teach him but failed. In exchange Arlo teaches the orphaned cave boy that family is not always blood relatives, but those that care for you, protect you and risk their lives for you. On the way they meet a family of Pterodactylus (birds) and a group of velociraptor (raptor) in tent on having them for dinner in their escape they loose their way again. It was meeting the T-Rex family that consisted of the dad Butch (Sam Elliot/Hulk) a tyrannosaurus, his daughter Ramsey (Academy winner Anna Paquinas/X-Men) and Nash (A. J. Buckley/”CSI: NY”), who were looking for their lost herd of long horns, that saved them and put them back on their journey “home.”

The Good Dinosaur is now in theater and also stars Academy Award winner Frances McDormand (Fargo) as the voice of Arlo’s mother Momma Ida, Marcus Scribner (“Black-ish”) as the voice of Arlo’s brother Buck and Maleah Padilla as the voice of his sister Libby. The story was developed by Bob Peterson and is a Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios production.

Pieces of a Dream stay true to their name with their new album ‘All In’


A Philadelphia Jazz/R&B band that has spend the last 40 years providing uplifting music to the world is Pieces of a Dream and after 17th albums, the latest “All In” (Shanachie Entertainment) was released this month, they have developed a sound that has become known worldwide as an American genre. The Pieces of a Dream band’s name is legendary. Their many years performing on stage perfected their stage show and it is heard in the “All In” project as they stay true to their name or self-made genre.

“It developed naturally,” said co-founder James Lloyd (keyboardist) about their stage performance. “We like to have fun and interact with each other and the audience…the show is better than the album”

I tried to envision them performing the album as I listened to it and felt myself wanting to be in the front row seat. My favorite songs on the “All In” project included #3 “Quiet Night in the City” because my mind went to me driving at night on the highway with my radio blasting this song; #7 “Human Interface,” #8 “Up ‘til Dawn” because the mixture of horns from Joe Cunningham and Tony Watson, Jr., the exquisitely sprinkled keys from co-founder Curtis Harmon (Drummer) and Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis, top with the electrifying lead guitar skills of Rohn Lawrence made me want to stay up all night just dancing; #9 “Dream On”  because those keys played by James Keith Lloyd put me in a dream state of mind, and #10 “How Bout That” because the lead guitar playing by Rohn Lawrence was perfection, especially at the end.


You can find out where Pieces of a Dream will be performing or on how to get the “All In” album by logging into

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