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The Pulse of Entertainment: Johnny Depp Owns Role of Jack Sparrow Again, in Pirates of the Caribbean 5


   I must admit this is my first time seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean installments and what fun it was thanks to Johnny Depp's superb comedic timing. The Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture presentation of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the 5th installment of the movie franchise, has three-time Academy Award nominated Johnny Depp owning the role of Captain Jack Sparrow again making the film bigger than life. I can see why Depp has been asked to return to this leading role time and time again. He was also involved in the writing process announcing to the public that Pirates 5 will be the last.
    Pirates 5 has Captain Jack Sparrow down on his luck but there are those that still need and believe in him - to steal the Trident of Poseidon. The Trident of Poseidon is an artifact that will allow the owner the ability to control the seas. Depp wants to control the seas in order to free his ship the Black Pearl. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be in Digital 3D, Real D 3D and IMAX 3D theatres May 26, 2017.
    A young thief, Henry Turner played by Brenton Thwaites, frees Depp from the guillotine so Sparrow can undertake the journey with him to find the Trident of Poseidon. His motives however
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'Sheryl Underwood Radio' Now in 104 Radio Affliliated Stations
(Los Angeles, CA) - Sheryl Underwood Radio recently announced the addition of its 104th radio affiliate. According to Sheryl Underwood, namesake of the show, the past four years "Sheryl Underwood Radio" has been perfecting affiliate friendly radio to grow into 104 markets. Sheryl Underwood Radio is a very diverse show; with affiliates in Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico and in every urban market from California through the South, into the Midwest in the Virgin Islands.
R&B Quartet Xscape to Reunite at the 'Essence Festival' July 2, 2017.
(New York, NY) - Time Inc.'s 2017 "Essence Festival" presented by Coca-Cola, now among the largest consumer live events in the nation, announced that beloved R&B quartet XSCAPE will kickoff its comeback tour at the Festival, for the group's first full live show in over 15 years. The group is slated to perform on Sunday, July 2. 2017. It will be a night headlined by Festival first-timer Chance the Rapper, along with Master P, Solange and more at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA.




The Pulse of Entertainment interviewed young actors from programs on NBC, Nickelodeon, ABC and Disney as they supported "The Jonathan Foundation" Fundraiser to benefit children with learning disorders. Watch see some of the interviews below!

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Christopher_Martin_Kingstone_Web-580x350.jpg(New York, NY) - Reggae crooner Christopher Martin has released the highly-anticipated music video for his first single ‘Magic' off his debut album "Big Deal." The 6-minute mini film showcases Martin as the narrator of a spellbinding triad ending in an unexpected twist. Directed by Ruption Design ‘RD' Studios, the video embodies the sultry aura of Martin's self-produced ballad.

A stunning wife, a loyal husband and a tempted laborer are characters that come into play in the riveting visual. In the modern day version of R.Kelly's ‘Down Low', the wife sneaks around behind her husband's back as she becomes enamored with the man who is working for them. She gets hooked on his magic but consequences abound as the love affair becomes exposed. It is then left to the husband to figure out a logical solution. The development of the plot is expertly crafted in a way that keeps viewers fascinated.

Martin, who is the spokesperson for KFC in Jamaica and won Digicel's Rising Stars in 2005 (Jamaica's American Idol), became a force in the reggae music industry with an impressive catalog of hits including ‘Paper Loving', ‘Cheaters Prayer' and ‘I'm a Big Deal.' What is fascinating about ‘Magic' is that while Martin is a traditional reggae artist, his new style is transitioning to include more elements of modern r&b, pop and trap soul.

The video premiered Thursday on Singers Room and has already amassed over 36,000 views.

Born on Valentine's Day in 1987 in Jamaica's rural community of St.Catherine - Christopher Martin made his mark in 2005 when he won his native country's top televised talent show competition Digicel Rising Stars. With his tremendous vocal prowess, soaring melodies and proven lyrical ability, he has consistently churned out hit after hit - including "Cheaters Prayer," Change Me Plans," Take My Wings," "Giving It," "I'll Be Your Driver," "Paper Loving," "Chill Spot" and "Look on My Face" - on local and international reggae charts. Over the years, Martin has worked with reggae's premier producers including Robert Livingston of Big Yard, ZJ Chrome of Chromes label, Shane Brown of Jukeboxx Recordings and Christopher Birch. He has a devoted fanbase in Japan, where he released his self-titled debut album in 2011 on the Rockers Island imprint. He has also toured North America and Europe, including an eight-nation tour with platinum selling German Reggae superstar Gentleman.


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