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The Pulse of Entertainment: Michael Stuckey Gets to Ministry-Business with ‘Live in Ghana' Album

Eunice Moseley


(August 4, 2020) - "God told me...get rid of industry and get to ministry," said Michael Stuckey, former lead singer for Ricky Dillard and New G, about his new album "Live in Ghana." "I had two managers, because I got a big voice. They wanted to make me a new Donnie McClurkin."

Michael explained that God gave him orders to perform in Ghana for free.

"I got rid of my managers and did it myself. I spent nine months doing Uber, raising funds because it would cost me $40,000 - I raised $30,000," said Stuckey about the new album released on the United Alliance Music Group/Sony/Orchard imprint.

"God said go to Ghana and do it for free." He pointed out. "I had 2,000 people there, here I get 200. This is what happens when you have faith."

This is not the first time Michael Stuckey went it alone. He left Ricky Dillard & New G and went solo in 2017 with the release of "Good Times." A native of Cincinnati, Ohio Michael is currently residing in Atlanta. He credits the good relationships he built in the industry to his solo success.

"Doors open because I am humble," he said sincerely. Then he became honest with me with an admission, "I haven't always been this way. A lady changed my life. She said, ‘Don't let anybody see you acting like that!' Her name was Sandra Franklin. I met her at the Stellar Awards."

"Now, I don't need a first class ticket, give me an aisle seat," he laughed. "I believe in relationships not because of business, it's about relationships. We are all the body of Christ. We need to....get closer to God."

Michael has traveled to African 14 times in the past three years. "Live in Ghana" is a musical look into worship in Africa. The eight song project was recorded at The National Theatre of Ghana and features vocal assistance from Prospa Ochimana and KI of Nigeria; Martin PK from South Africa; Cece Twum and Kingzkid from Ghana, in addition to Destanie Wimbush from the United States. Wimbush appears on the song "Alpha & Omega." 

The Pulse of Entertainment: Horn Player Eddie Daniels' ‘Night Kisses' Album is Swirling with Romance


(July 31, 2020) - "I decided to do a Brazilian record with a string quartet," said six-time Grammy nominated horn player Eddie Daniels about his August 7, 2020 release of his "Night Kisses: A Tribute to Ivan Lins" (Resonance Records) project. "George Klabin, head of Resonance Records. was born in Brazil. I've known him for 40 years."

The "Night Kisses: A Tribute to Ivan Lins" album features 10-time Grammy winning Dave Grusin (piano) and Emmy winning Bob James (piano). Also accompanying Daniels on "Night Kisses" is Kevin Axt (bass), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums), Kuno Schmid (piano), and The Harlem Quartet (strings). Eddie, also a one-time Grammy winner, plays the sax, flute and the clarinet.

"Bob James and Dave are both famous writers in the Jazz field, they both know Ivan Lins," said Eddie about his featured artists - Bob James, who is also a Grammy winner and Dave Grusin who is also an Academy Award winner.

When I asked him where the title of the project came from he said, "A couple of the tunes had ‘night' in them. One song ‘The Night Singer' is so romantic."

Daniels says his new project, the 30th album, is all about "love and romance."

The New York native was a prodigy child playing the clarinet and sax fluently by the age of 13. Through the years he has worked as a musician with various artists and appeared on the albums of Angelo Bofill ("Angie," 1978) and George Benson ("G.B.," 1981). He was also a featured musician on the Big Phat Band 2001 album.

My favorites tracks on the "Night Kisses" project includes #3 "Maos de Afeto (Hands of Affection)," for its sweet sound and deeply romantic feel; #5 "Velas Icadas (Hoisted Sails)," for its nice Jazz sound, the way the flute flutters like a butterfly, the majestic piano playing, and the visuals it provokes of swirling winds on a lovely day; #7 "Cantor Da Noite (The Night Singer)," for its old classic Jazz sound, reminiscent of the Frank Sinatra and Harry Belfonte periods; #10 "Lembra (Remember)," because of the way it picks-up at a certain point to become inspiring and also the swirling dance the flute and piano makes, and last I like #11 "Depois dos Temporais (After the Storms)," because this Navy girl loves the military drum roll in the background, a surprise, making the selection refreshing. 

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