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The Pulse of Entertainment: Stand-Up Comedian Rob Gordon Gets ‘Problematic' in New Comedy Special


(September 25, 2020) - "It's about my life growing up in D.C.," said comedian/actor Rob Gordon (Comedy Factory) about his new comedy special "Problematic" on Amazon Prime.

When I asked what we can expect him to talk about in the special he said, "My trails and tribulations, graduating college and now having a son are some of the things I cover."

Gordon possesses a degree in Architecture from Hampton University, but it was his natural comedic skills that shined the most.

"My passion led me," Rob said about going into comedy. "We went to a club and my fool friend signed me up. I did it (stand-up comedy), it was ok and I've been doing it since."

Rob was into football but damaged his knee, which probably was the catalyst for his "fool friend" to encourage him to do what he natural does - make people laugh.

"I was in college playing football and got hurt," he told me. "One of my boys was at the club, he said, ‘You should try comedy.' I said, ‘We in DC man, everybody funny!' I ran it by my God-brother. He told me to think about it, so I let my passion lead me."

I am a native of Baltimore, a neighbor to D.C., and I told Rob my people are naturally funny too and some could actually do comedy.

He said his family members are all funny as well. When I mentioned that I'm not really feeling those comedians that pick people out of the audience and make-fun-of-them, and that I love comedians that can take a word, an event or subject and make people laugh at it, he said, "Actually, it can be like that on occasions. I talk about my life. I think It's relatable to people. Who can say what the future holds (comedic content). I'm in DC, so we talk about politics."

Gordon also tried his hand at acting and did well in the 2013 Ashes of the Phoenix film as Jordan. He will be appearing in the 2020 film Holiday Heartbreak with A.J. Johnson, Michael Colyar, and LisaRay McCoy. Aside from the Comedy Club his comedic skills as been displayed on "The Roland Martin Show," at the Navy Memorial event, and during the "DC Comedy Special." Ron also has a film company Gordonism Films. 

The Pulse of Entertainment: Bishop Marvin Sapp, 11-Time Grammy Nominated, Achieve Three Milestones as the ‘Chosen Vessel'

Eunice Moseley


(September 22, 2020) - "On October 9th my album ‘Chosen Vessel' comes out," said Bishop Marvin Sapp, founder of Lighthouse Full Life Center in Michigan and now Senior Pastor of The Chosen Vessel Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas - one of three major milestones celebrated. "("The Marvin Sapp Radio Show") It's syndicated in 40 markets. I moved to Dallas... to head a church called The Chosen Vessel Cathedral and I said, ‘New market, new place - it would be nice to get my radio show on the #1 Gospel station in the area.' It's been cool. I'm on at a nice time slot and the listeners are really embracing me."

The three milestones of the 11-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter are the new position as head pastor of The Chosen Vessel in Fort Worth, Texas, the release of his 12th album "Chosen Vessel" (RCA Inspiration), and his "Marvin Sapp Radio Show" making a home at KHVN Heaven 97 in Dallas, Texas. His two-hour radio show is syndicated by Superadio in partnership with American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) and airs Saturdays from 5 - 7 p.m., his "Chosen Vessel" record is released from RCA Inspiration/Verity/Provident Entertainment and he is currently promoting its single "Thank You for It All," and his role as Senior Pastor at The Chosen Vessel Cathedral since 2019 seems to be a natural progression as an ordained Bishop within the Global United Fellowship (GUF) of churches since 2015. The Fellowship of cross-denominational churches, founded by Bishop Neil C. Ellis in 2013, only requires that you believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings. It services 1400 churches in 40 countries. Pastor Sapp's leadership abilities resulted in overseeing the Central Deanery of GUF, which consisted of 75 churches in 10 states, to overseeing 100 churches in the North Central Province of GUF as Bishop.

"I believe very strongly that excellence is the standard, not the goal," Marvin said. "Because of everything I do I have to make sure what I give is excellence, that I give them my very best. So when I music and preach the Gospel in church all these vehicles are at a level of excellent."

Marvin Sapp, also a 24-time Stellar Award winner, started in the Gospel music business as a member of the group Commission founded by Fred Hammond in the early 1990s. In 1996 he went solo and released "Never World Have Made It" - his signature song. In 2003 Sapp and his deceased wife MaLinda started the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan to teach spirituality. Today, aside from it being mortgage free, is headed by Pastor Rory Marshall, but Bishop Marvin Sapp is still Chairman of the Board.

"I'm excited about being able to get the audience to see me as not only a pastor, singer, songwriter, but as a radio show host," he concluded. 

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