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The Pulse of Entertainment: Choir Director Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling's Single is ‘For Your Good'

Eunice Moseley


(April 13, 2021) - "My nephew...wrote the song," said Kevin Lemons, a well known choir/vocal director in Atlanta, about the new single "For Your Good" (HezHouse/RCA Inspiration) from Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling. "It's about being tested and tried and being disappointed...about coming out that."

Lemons' Higher Calling choir started out with 50 members from his fathers' church, and now it consist of over 70 powerhouse-singers. After many years of directing the Higher Calling choir vocals, Kevin was contacted by Grammy Award winning Bishop Hezekiah Walker about signing to this new record label HezHouse, distributed by RCA Inspiration. The "For Your Good" single is off of their 3rd album titled "3rd Round" due out in the summer of 2021.

"For many years Bishop Walker and I've had a working relationship," said Kevin. "When he comes to Atlanta he would need a choir and he'd call me. When he decided to do his label he said, ‘I want to keep choirs alive and the second act I want to be is you.' I blinked and it happened that fast and it's been a joy."

Kevin Lemons started directing choir vocals at a very young age with the Atlanta Masonic Choir. Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling released their debut as "Destined for Greatness." In 2013 they released their sophomore album titled "The Declaration" and it reached #10 on Billboard's Gospel Chart. He went on to hold classes/workshops at local colleges, universities and churches through out the United States and internationally.

"I started ‘teaching' choirs at the age of 12," Lemons informed me. "Over the years my father allowed me to build my reputation."

When I talked of my choir directing experiences of taking secular songs and changing the lyrics to make them Gospel, he said, "I took (traditional) Gospel songs and changed the rhythm. We have to do things to draw-in the next generation."

In 2018 Kevin Lemons directed the vocals for the soundtrack to the Netflix film Come Sunday. In 2019 he directed the vocals for the 34th Stellar Music Awards.

"I had a vocal production contract to do just the choir scenes," he pointed out when I asked about him directing for Netflix's Come Sunday film. "I got involved a little bit more though. They said, ‘Kevin, try this. Do a feel good song'."

And as they always say, "the rest is history." He became the singing voice of Carlton Pearson in Netflix's Come Sunday film.

 The Pulse of Entertainment: Producer Fishburn Releases ‘Jesus, Dance with Me' on Devine Jamz


(April 9, 2021) - "I'm a producer. I write all the songs," said Russ Fishburn when questioned about his new single "Jesus, Dance with Me" (Devine Jamz) which has lovely female vocals throughout. He continued, laughing a little, "I can carry a tune, but you don't want to hear me live. I know my limitations. I can't sing professionally so sometimes I get a female and sometimes I get a male singer."

Known as Fishburn, as a producer and songwriter he is always looking for singers.

"Now days they have websites that showcases singers," he informed me.

Fishburn, who is also a DJ, is a Christian, Christian Pop and Pop Electronic songwriter. His songs have garnered positions as Billboard chart-toppers.

"This song came out of the blue last fall," Fishburn pointed out. "The release landed on my dad's birthday, he passed three years ago. I had the melody before. Then I had the song titles written down."

Fishburn said he decided to go with "Jesus, Dance with Me."

"The lyrics? Well, one of the ways I was copping (with his father's passing) was to read 12 - 15 books of people near death for three hours to 30 minutes," he continued. "For all it wasn't their time and they lived to tell about it. They saw lots of similar things. I took a lot of the descriptions of what the people said, about the colors up there. They say they can't even describe it and how they all were young again."

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