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The Pulse of Entertainment: Teresa Hairston Publishes Autobiographical Table Book, ‘Unstoppable…’

Eunice Moseley


(March 2, 2021) - "It's a coffee table book, it's pretty big," said Teresa Hairston, founder and publisher of the former Gospel Today Magazine that reached one million dollars in business, about her newly published book "Unstoppable: The Incredible Journey of America's #1 Christian Lifestyle Magazine" (Books2LiveBy) "I want the readers to be inspired by my journey, a black single woman with three kids and 2 ½ jobs."

Hairston confided that because of the pandemic people have put their dreams aside. She wants them to be encouraged to dream again and challenge themselves to move.

"Sometimes you have to look at what your destiny is...that keep you moving," Teresa pointed out. "I started out as a songwriter, a writer who could read sheet music...was hired as Director of Promotions for Savoy, a major Gospel label."

Hairston started a Gospel newsletter with all the inside information she was privy to.

"My newsletter turned into a magazine to encourage people established in Gospel," she said. "Gospel was the step-child of music. It didn't lead with news...of killing people like the other news outlets. News doesn't have to be negative."

Teresa launched her magazine in 1989 with $300 and built it to a revenue stream of one million. In 1994 she launched The Gospel Heritage Foundation to educate worshippers and musician in the legacy of Gospel Music. After the digital age took its toll on print media she ended the publication. Gospel Today was the largest distributed and longest running Urban Gospel lifestyle magazine in history. Her autobiography, "Unstoppable...," about her fantastic journey from Savoy Records, to SCORE newsletter to publishing Gospel Today Magazine, is also released digitally February.

"I was a part of Gospel. I just knew it was something I wanted to do," she said. "This was before Kirk Franklin, Donnie and Yolanda. I was at the cutting edge of all that....God's timing." 

The Pulse of Entertainment: Billboard Chart Topper Patrick Bradley Says ‘Exhale' with New Album


(February 26, 2021) - "It's a special project for me, it's my 5th record," said Billboard chart-topping Jazz keyboardist Patrick Bradley about his new album "Exhale" (Patrick's Song Factory). "It was a fun project. I got a lot of really good smooth Jazz, R&B, Rock, Fusion. It's one of my favorites."

The 11 track project features assistance from Darren Rahn on alto sax; Rick Braun on trumpet; Allen Hinds on guitar; Mel Brown on bass; Tarell Martin on drums; Grammy winning Jeff Lorber on keyboard; Gary Novak on drums; Christian Teele on percussion; Michael Thompson on guitar; Dave Weekl on drums, and David Mann on horn. "Exhale" is produced by Darren Rahn with Jeff Lorber producing two of the eleven selections.

"'Exhale' is the title track and single, about what everybody went through - hell - last year," Bradley pointed out. "Exhale and let 2020 go. Have fun. Find some hope. It's about bringing people together...a musical release."

"Exhale" is co-written by Patrick and Darren.

"‘Walk with Me' has a story behind it, an experience that I had during the pandemic and... racial civil unrest," he said. He said he asked himself what he could do to help, what was his role. "‘Walk with me' and ‘Providence' centered around looking at different people the same. I got a sense God loves us all." 

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