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Adrian B. King and Reverence Offer 'How Great' Single from 'Essential Praise' Album

(Chicago, IL) - Singer, songwriter, choirmaster, and praise and worship leader Adrian B. King (ABK) and Reverence release "How Great" single from their "Essential Praise" album. A highlight of "Essential Praise" is the single "How Great," which is written and arranged by hit-maker Franklin "Bubby" Fann. "How Great" is the quintessential praise anthem that can be sung and enjoyed by all.King has been a Gospel recording artist for over 20 years. From their debut release "Well Done" in 1997 they have been ministering through Gospel songs with passion, charisma, and anointing.

ABK and Reverence have a signature Chicago Gospel sound that has kept the group indispensable over the past two decades.

ABK and Reverence demonstrate their high energy and incredible anointing on their newest album release "Essential Praise". The album is comprised of eight Contemporary Gospel, intimate worship, exuberant praise, and traditional churchy tracks. "Essential Praise" is released via Adrian's King's Court Music label and IndieBlu Music and is available now on all digital music outlets.

You have the opportunity to experience Adrian and Reverence in concert. ABK will host "Jam 4 The Lamb" Expecting Greater Live Virtual Concert Experience on Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 9 p.m. Central. Watch and worship live via the ABK and Reverence Facebook page -

ABK and Reverence hope you are blessed by "Essential Praise" and join them for the "Jam 4 Lamb" as they represent Christ in all that they say, sing, and do. They desire to usher in His presence that He may do the work, and to be vessels of honor for Him.

(Source: The Bellamy Group) 

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