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J Da Proph3t Releases Highly Anticipated Single 'Sky Walking'

(Chicago) - J Da Proph3t releases new singe "Sky Walking". J Da Proph3t utilizes imagery, one of many skills that contribute to his creation of music.

J Da Proph3t reminds his fans, he is not just a rapper, but an entertainer too. He uses versatility in lyrics and beats that allow him to appeal to each of his fans, regardless of how diverse they are. "Sky Walking" is a club banger that is not only lyrical, but smooth as well. This mesmerizing track will be perfect for fans to party too.

There are seven songs in total on J Da Proph3t's "Prøphici3s of a R3alist" album, which is filled with multiple vibes. This epic journey is filled with love, triumph, partying, winning, and more. (Source: SOM Entertainment) 

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