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America's Next Top Hitmaker Announces Music Producer AngelicVoicesMusic as a Contestant; Online Voting for America's Next Top Hitmaker Starts July 1, 2024
(Bronx, NY) - The Bronx music producing hitmaker AngelicVoicesMusic was recently announced as a contestant in the America's Next Top Hitmaker, presented by Colossal. The winner of the America's Next Top Hitmaker receives a write up in Rolling Stone Magazine (has an estimated 60 million readers), $10,000 in cash, a photoshoot, and a performance at Rolling Stone's Future of Music Showcase in Austin, Texas - with hotel accommodations for three days and two nights. Online voting for those who support AngelicVoices is from July 1 - 11, 2024 at

Any revenue made from the America's Next Top Hitmaker competition goes to the charitable organization DTCares, which funds MusicCares. Colossal is ran by its CEO Mary Hagen as a fundraiser for DTCares. There are nine voting sessions. From July 1 - 11th you can vote for AngelicVoices to ensure he is one of the Top 20. Then from July 11 - 18th the public is voting on the Top 15; from July 18 - 25th the public is voting on the Top 10; from July 25 - August 1st it's the Top 5; from August 1 - 8th is for the Finals; from August 9 - 11th it's the Wildcard Round; from August 12 - 22 it's the voting for the Quarter Finals, from August 23 - 29th it's the Semi-Finals, and from August 30 - September 5th it's voting for the Finals. The winner is announced on September 13th.

Not only will the winner receive the write up in Rolling Stone, $10,000 in cash, a photoshoot, performance at Future of Music Showcase, but they also experience a mentor session with Grammy nominated Busta Rhymes ("Blockbusta"/Epic Records) and workshops with industry pros Joseph Wooten (Steve Miller Band) and Emmy winning songwriter/producer Trey Bruce.

AngelicVoicesMusic currently has three upcoming projects "Goodness and Mercy" by Pastor Lonnell Blair, and the singles "A Long Way" by rapper Asim I.I., and his own upcoming single "Who Do You Think You Are" via their record label AngelicVoicesMinistry (Symphonic/Tunecore). The music video for AngelicVoices' last single "Why Not" debuted at #3 on the's Music Block World's Top 10 Best Artists. The music video was produced by LikeVision.

A wizard in music production Angelic specializes in Hip-Hop Gospel but also produces music for various artists in all genres such as Jazz, R&B, Pop, and Country. He recently appeared in the music video shoot (LikeVision) for Shaquille O'Neal's new single "Rolling" featuring Cory Gunz (Young Money Records).

AngelicVoicesMusic is prepping to release his EP "Spiritual Overtones." An ASCAP member, the phenomenal music producer also owns his own AVM line of sneakers ( He is also co-owner, along with rapper Asim I.I., of the AVM Streaming Channel at (

AngelicVoicesMusic was recently the winner of the Beat Suite Producers Experience competition presented by Creative Space, beating out 18 other music producers and the 25th annual ULMII International Competition presented by The Pulse of Entertainment winning over $20,000 in products, services and cash. His credits include working at Bad Boy Studios (Studio B and C) with up-and-coming artists for a Cypher at the Livewell Network, of which rapper Asim I.I. was a performer.

On Saturday October 19, 2024 the music producer's record label AngelicVoicesMinistry will host its annual AVM Music Exchange event at the Claremont Neighborhood Community Center (489 E. 169th Street, Bronx, NY 10456) from 2 - 7pmEST, where the established meet and hear the works of the aspiring for collaborative opportunities.

Media inquiries can reach out to AngelicVoicesMinistry at To vote for AngelicVoices log onto after July 1st.

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(Source: Freelance Associates PR) 


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