The Pulse of Entertainment - June 2, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Grammy Nominated Eric Roberson Releases New Album ‘Hear From Here' and its Single ‘Already Knew You'

Eunice Moseley 


(June 2, 2020) - "I found myself home, I tour a lot, so first thing was I went to music and started turning the equipment on...trying to relieve some stress," said R&B/Neo's two-time Grammy nominated Eric "Erro" Roberson about how his 16th project, "Hear from Here," was made. The album is off of his imprint Blue Erro Soul, with a single "Already Knew You" out. "I had a window of time. It's funny how God works."

The "Hear from Here" album is his 16th project, which consists of 12 studio albums, three EPs and one live album. Eric attended Howard University and received a degree in Musical Theatre. He is a proficient singer, songwriter and producer. He released his first single in 1994 off of his debut album at Warner Bros. Records, which is still yet to be released. On June 15, 2001 he released "The Esoteric Movement" (P-Vine). In 2002 he became a member of Jazzy Jeff's Touch of Jazz Production company and contributed to Jeff's "The Magnificent" album. The year 2003 saw the July 1st release of "The Vault, Vol. 1" from his own label Blue Erro Soul, with "The Vault, Vol. 1.5" released the following year on February 24, 2004. Roberson did not stop; on November 7, 2005 he released "The Appetizer" (Blue Erro Soul). On August 10, 2006 he released his first live album "Erro Live Vol. DC" (Blue Erro Soul). His next release was "...Left" (Blue Erro Soul) on February 27, 2007. Eric went on to release "Music Fan First" (Blue Erro Soul) on August 25, 2009, which garnered him two Grammy nominations and a spot for the first time on Billboard's R&B Chart at #89. On November 8, 2011 he released "Mister Nice Guy" on his own label with distribution this time via Purpose Records/Eone and a #14 position on Billboard's R&B Chart. On March 22, 2013 Eric released "United Tenors" with assistance from Fred Hammond, Dave Hollister, and Brian Courtney Wilson via Verity/RCA Inspiration. In 2014, on his own label with distribution from Liaison, he released "The Box" on August 12th, which reached #19 on the R&B charts. With new distribution from Foreign Exchange Music Roberson released "Tigallerro" with assistance from Phonte on July 22, 2016 and it too reached #19 on R&B charts. In 2017 he released three EPs, "Earth" on April 21st, "Wind" on July 21st and "Fire" on October 20th solely on his own label. This year, 2020, he released "Hear from Here" on April 3rd on Blue Erro Soul. Erro has also worked with such artists as Boney James, Dwele, and Vivian Green.

Eric Roberson said that when he was in the forced stay-at-home he posted the music he was making and saw how he was helping people. So he decided to release it as an album.

"I had a whole other album done," he confessed when talking about the "Hear From Here" project. "But I said this is an album. If I can get it to more people, I can get to help more people. For the most part it's the soundtrack to our struggle. Songs to give you motivation to walk, march and protest."

Eric said it's natural to sing songs through your struggles and he felt these songs wanted to be out first to help the nation in its struggle.

"I completed the whole album in four weeks time. Everyday waking up and the song was there. I remember sitting at the piano trying to figure out the chord and another song came to me, ‘Tonight'. That was the mood I was in. Two-three o'clock in the morning I remember posting me singing it. I woke up to 100s of ‘likes.'," Eric said. "I said this is bigger than I put it out."

"I'm a proud songwriter. God is real in songwriting. I've been given songs I'm not wise enough to write about. I firmly believe in more listening than anything, to what God is telling you...what your heart is telling you."

As the album says, "Hear From Here." 

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