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Eugeniapic.jpgKleopatria's Ringside Report:
By: Eugenia Wright

Trueful CD Listening Party with special Grammy Award winning guests, at the Aqua Lounge

"The Whole Truth and nothing but the truth."

Trueful, what a name (?!!), definitely this one stands apart. In Hollywood's world of hype, Dior dark tinted glasses, restylyn-injected lips, botox treated foreheads (not to mention silicone implants) and make believe that permeates tinsel town can someone really survive with the name Trueful?

Well, let me tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, this young gent has started out on the right foot.

His CD listening party held during Pre-Grammy week at the Acqua Lounge presented by Marc Gaspard, Roland Wirt and Artris Leftage brought outtrueful2010-bell-larue-brownannie-truefuleager-thomas-med-wide.jpg some heavy weights, such as Grammy winners like the ageless beauty Ms. Florence LaRue (5th Dimension), music mogul/percussionist Ollie E. Brown and music artist Ms. Brenda Lee Eager.

These bonafide music stars were on hand at the chi-chi club in Beverly Hills to see the birth of a new breed to Hollywood's music scene. It was a spectacular evening and many of the crème de la crème in the media world were there also to capture the event on celluloid.

It was a long parade of stars that included notables such as Ernest Thomas (Everybody Hates Chris), Pop R&B Singer Tionne Williams, Latin Heat correspondent/actress Kikey Castillo, Fiu Fiu Brazilian bikini model Allyson Flores, comedian Annie McKnight, Robert Leo Rogers (Sr. VP of Bungalo Records Label Liaison Div.), actor Lejon Stewart, Latina folk singer/model Dora Albino, singer Martha Liz, Robin Stoker (former long-time Marvin Gaye asst.), celebrity fitness trainer Sam Bell, director Jonathan Villalpando (new flick Revenge, Eunice Moseley (The Baltimore Times entertainment editor) and Buddy Sampson (Publisher of the Scoop LA) among others.

About ten O'clock, it was curtain up as Trueful took to the stage with three background dancers and started to sing his latest single "Feeling You." He moved all about the stage capturing hearts as he sang. There was a line of ladies who were feeling his music and gathered around him and jumped onto the stage!!! This was not scripted. The brother is cool beans like that. He also had his dancer D Valentine pass out roses to the ladies who were seated.

Trueful and his mom. Like Michael Jackson, Trueful has a strong relationship with his mother.Trueful mesmerized the crowd and then switched from classic casual wear to his white suit and hat looking like a sophisticated gent and throw back to the days of the Temptations. This 21-year-old singer has an old soul. I asked him why is it that ladies love him so and he responded."Every little girl dreams of being a princess and when they grow up they still have that inside of them. I want to treat them like Prince Charming." Wow!!! My mouth dropped. That is so true, Trueful, we do want to be treated like princesses. A lot of men forget that, using the B word all the time these days. Seems like Trueful needs to run with that so true philosophy and school a lot of brothas.

On this night it was all charm and performance because I have seen Trueful's eye-popping washboard abs in his new video "Feeling You" and the physical definitely matches his beautiful persona. It was a good crowd and I noticed that Trueful had about 150 family members and friends in the audience including his mom Debrah and pretty sister Krystal. I get the feeling that this young singer is grounded, with great values and a strong family support system.

After his performance, which included three tracks from his new album "A Taste of Class", everyone danced till they dropped. At the end of the evening pretty princess colored gift bags were handed out to celebs with T-shirts, the single "Feeling You" and some candy treats.

Ollie E. Brown got up on stage and added a final note by commenting on Trueful's unique style and talent. He also gave him some sound advice about working in biz. Ollie is experienced having produced for legends like The Jacksons; he knows the industry inside and out. Now, that's the truth. I have a feeling that Trueful will take Ollie's words to heart and become a major music success story.

Trueful has a very busy schedule, performing in and around Los Angeles and has an upcoming play date in Las Vegas. I recommend catching his shows when he comes to your town. Trueful's dancers D Valentine, Gita and Jazzy are also on-point.

Watch Trueful's new video here at Also see Trueful's CD listening party by logging on here at Trueful's CD "Feeling You" Listening Pre-Grammy party

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