The Pulse of Entertainment - February 20, 2024

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The Pulse of Entertainment: New Kids Book ‘Imagine Becoming a...' Published by Filmmaker Nicole Butler to Inspire


(February 20, 2024) - "I work with kids helping them find their path," said philanthropist/filmmaker/author Nicole Butler about the reason for publishing her new book "Imagine Becoming a..." (A&B Productions). "The book is based on what I do with the kids with my nonprofit. After training...I find a platform to showcase their talents. They grow up and further that education."

A&B Productions is the nonprofit that she mentors children through, as she mentored her own children.

"Somebody has to create hope," she said about what motivates her. "The book vision, God gave it to me in 2020 when we were locked in (Covid). People had given up...I was thinking we can't give up...Jesus said stay busy until I return."

That Nicole Butler has done -stayed busy. The grandmother of 17, Butler's youngest child Ben Foster was a prodigy with a talent for filmmaking. She guided him into producing and directing short films that were screened all over the country, that is when I met them. I interviewed Ben for this column for those achievements at such a young age. Her son went on to appear on Montel Williams Show for those monumental achievements at such a young age. Montel was so impressed with Ben that he sent him to the Los Angeles Film Academy where he experienced an internship at BET Networks. Ben Foster ended up directing and producing music videos.

"After Ben grew up, I started working with other kids," Nicole confided. "I started mentoring girls about fashion design, that's my first love. Then we did workshops on how to be kid reporters."

Nicole created film projects and today A&B Productions has a great body of work that includes the Flip the Script Reality Special (2010); FTS Kidz News series (2011-2022); 18! The Movie (2012); Teens Around Town mini-series (2014); Taste It or Toss It mini-series (2021), and The Designing Kidz Project (2013-2020).

"One girl we worked with is a model for the QVC channel," Butler pointed out to me as we talked about being blessed to see the fruits of your labor.

The Taste It or Toss It project had the kids experimenting with different foods that are good for them but tend to be foods kids don't like.

"I don't cook," the Delaware native laughed when we talked about the cooking project. "I thought it would be cute to see kids create recipes...a way to try new things."

The "Imagine Becoming a..." (A&B) book with its excellent animation and words that inspire, is added to her many creative ways of helping kids figure out what they want to do in life, and that is by trying everything that they desire to be.

"I remember Ben said he wanted to be a rapper," she laughed as we concluded our interview,

Nicole Butler founded the A&B foundation in 1998 and 26 years later she is still inspiring, cultivating and training kids for their futures.

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