The Pulse of Entertainment - April 5, 2024

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The Pulse of Entertainment: The Aaron Akins Show at the Catalina Jazz Club was Pleasantly Pleasing


 (April 5, 2024) - "I heard someone holler! I'll take it," said Aaron Akins with a little chuckle to his audience during his "When Do We Love" release concert at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, California.

The show was a stop on his tour to promote the upcoming release of his "When Do We Love" EP. Akins invited me to hear his title track "When Do We Love" live. An intimate setting with attentive waiters, and elegant ambience awaited me. It had been so long since I heard a live band. The Keiko Matsui concert in 2023 was the last time I had the pleasure. His band arrived on stage at the same time as Aaron giving us in the audience enough time to focus on our meals and settling back for the show.

Aaron had previously told me that after a previous performance of "When Do We Love," Walter and Wallace Scott (The Whispers) came to him after the show and compliment him on the song. This after show meeting ended with Aaron re-recording the single with Walter and Wallace as featured vocalists. Their version will be included on the "When Do We Love" EP.

The Broadway nominated performer started his Catalina show with a song, then introduced his band and background singers. All in all, the Aaron Akins Show was a pleasantly pleasing experience. His vocal style reminds me of a mixture of Al Jarreau and Nate King Cole's vocal styles. Amazingly fresh combination, but very familiar.

His "Lovelier Lovely" song was breathtaking, and his cover of Nate King Cole's "Mona Lisa" really had that Al Jarreau/Nate King Cole vibe. Akins' "I Haven't Tried You" was a jazzy cabaret offering. His lovely "Just Want to Love You" is on the soundtrack for the movie Butterfly starring with Antonio Banderas. The beautifully sweet "God Made Women Beautiful" was next and this is where I heard the outstanding harmonizing vocals of his singers. The Aaron Akins Show ended with the title track "When Do We Love", a powerful piece.


"I like that last one," said my daughter Sue Jones, who I brought with me to the show.

Aaron had a nice crowd all excited and devoted to him and his band members who were top-notch veterans in the business. I know this because during his introduction of the band he gave us a little information on each. The show made me want to see his Broadway show dedicated to honoring the life of Nate King Cole called "Into the Cole." I just might, next time I'm on the east coast.

Akins is also an actor with credits that include Switched at Birth.

"If You Can See It, and Believe It, You Can Achieve It"

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