The Pulse of Entertainment - May 10, 2019

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Experience the Magic of Love in Fox Searchlight's ‘Tolkien' and Virgin Island's VIP Release ‘Make It' Single off May 22, 2019 CD Release

tolkien_foxsearchlight.jpgFox Searchlight Pictures' Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios presentation of Tolkien arrives in theatres May 10, 2019. Tolkien is a bio-drama about scholar J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the epic novels "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit." Tolkien stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: Days of Future Past) as Tolkien and Golden Globe nominated Lily Collins (Mirror Mirror) as his love interest Edith Bratt.

The audience will experience the magic of what love can do in ‘Tolkien.' Tolkien (Hoult) lived through World War I, where all of his friends (Rob Gilson, Geoffrey Bache Smith and Christopher Wiseman) die, to marry the love of his life Edith Bratt (Collins). A lover of language, mystery and magic Tolkien is inspired by Edith, an accomplished pianist, to see the world on a deeper level. That vision beyond the surface helped him create the worlds of his ground breaking novels "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings."

Both Tolkien and Bratt were orphans that lived in the same foster home. It was love at first sight, but his guardian Father Frances Morgan played by Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) forbid the relationship and sends him off to college at Oxford (Exeter College). Edith believes Tolkien will move on because she is so use to being abandoned that she gets engaged to another guy. Seeing Tolkien leaving to board a ship for war awakens her love for him and as they embrace goodbye she makes him promise to return to her. How Tolkien accomplishes this with bodies dropping all around him is the climax of the film.

Tolkiens' creation of the "middle earth" was ground breaking at the time in 1937 when he published "The Hobbit." Immediately after he releases a sequel to "The Hobbit", titled "The Lord of the Rings." This novel became the best selling novel of all times with over 150 million copies sold so far. It has been re-printed three times and translated in 38 languages. Tolkien sold the film rights to "The Lord of the Rings" to United Artists in 1969 and as a result garnering multiple Academy Award wins.

Tolkien is directed by Dome Karukoski and produced by Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, David Ready and Kris Thykier. It is a Fox Searchlight Picture, Chernin Entertainment production. Tolkien also stars Primetime Emmy Award winning Derek Jacobi (Vicious) as Professor Joseph Wright a scholarly mentor of Tolkien; Anthony Boyle as Geoffrey Bache Smith, a poet friend whose works were published by Tolkien resulting in Smith receiving a Noble Prize for Literature; Patrick Gibson, Craig Roberts, Pam Ferris, James MacCallum, Laura Donnelly, Genevieve O'Reilly, Samuel Martin, and Tom Glynn-Carney as Christopher Wisemen. 

vip3.jpgV.I.P. (Virgin Island Professa) preps for his May 22, 2019 released of his new album "Emergency" (Dust Dem AFF Music), with the release of the first single and music video "Make It." When I tell you the talent level of this Virgin Island singer, songwriter, producer is up there with Bob Marley, take my word for it. It's not because he won my 20 year old "Uplifting Minds II" (ULMII) Baltimore talent competition six-times or that he has been a sponsor of that event since 2008, but witnessing him take an audience of people from their seats to their feet.

"Around the world we have a lot of issues with violence...I want to let everyone know it's an emergency, we need to change, get better, do better," said V.I.P., born in the U.S. Virgin Islands as Marvin Shamal Davis, Jr.. "I hope to bring awareness to crime and violence and the need for change. It's good to be happy."

V.I.P. debuted in 2008 with "Ambassador" (Ivory Penn Entertainment) produced by Steve Ivory (Disney). That was the year V.I.P. started sponsoring the ULMII community event. His hit singles in the states and in the Virgin Islands include "Hands Up" and "Soakin' Wet." - two of my favorite V.I.P. singles. The Virgin Islands radio stations have always played his music as if he was Bob Marley. He is a local Virgin Island celebrity that is always representing his Virgin Islands home. The V. I. is included on his branded products which can be found at

"Everyone needs to focus on the root problem. Rich or poor we all have the same problems," he pointed out. "Have feelings, but don't take it to the extreme."

V.I.P. has a sweet and humble personality that people gravitate to. He said he was musically inspired by Calypso music, Bob Marley and Jay-Z.

"My inspiration...Calypso music, Bob Marley of course...he is a global figure not just in the Caribbean and Jay-Z and I am inspired by yourself with your positive energy," V.I.P. said. "My parents too, their strength...gave me the strength to be who I am."

The Virgin Islands, where he was born and raised until he relocated to the states with his father Marvin Sr., has a West Indian culture mixed with African heritage. So his music is a mixture of that West Indian culture and music from the African-American Hip-Hop culture in the states. That gives his music a very fresh and different sound that can be heard in the music video for the "Make It" single (

V.I.P., who has been the opening act for the Baltimore ULMII event almost every year since 2011, calls his style music Vulcha.

He hopes his body of music helps to create "world peace."

"I wish for people to have the ability to know the path they may be taking," he said. "That could help make world peace...something that creates international greatness. We've lost great brothers like Nipsy...too soon. We've lost some powerful brothers and sisters to violence." @VirginIslandsProFessA (Facebook)

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"If You Can See It, and Believe It, You Can Achieve It"

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