The Pulse of Entertainment - August 16 & 20, 2019

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Grammy Award Winning New Age Pianist Peter Kater Releases ‘Wings' August 30, 2019 and Blinded by the Light, an Inspirational Ode to Bruce Springsteen's Music

PeterKater.jpg(August 20, 2019) - Jazz/New Age pianist Peter Kater with his 14 Grammy nominations prove what an impact he has made on the music industry as a whole. It's that quality he shares again on his new single "Wings" to be released August 30, 2019. The German born, New Jersey raised musician is also a composer.

"Its already #1 on Amazon," Peter said about his new single. "It's passionate and soaring. (The concept) It's about things in my life. I was seeing wings and birds everywhere."

Kater recently performed in Hawaii and in my hometown of Maryland at the Maryland Theatre of the Performing Arts (MTPA) in Annapolis - to a sold out crowd.

"It was excellent, packed - sold out," he told me. "I'll be coming back next summer."

Peter Kater is also a Grammy winner for his 2018 album "Dancing on Water." His first Grammy nomination was in 2003 for his project "Red Moon." As a composer Kater has scored for over 100 television and film productions. Even though he studied Classical music Peter Kater is considered a Jazz / New Age pianist. His first Grammy nomination was for the "Best New Age Album" and his Grammy win was for "Best New Age Music."

"I love playing for people," Peter admitted. "One person or a thousand...that's when I'm most connected to myself and my spirit."

blindedbythelight_viveikKalra.jpg(August 16, 2019) - So realistic is the true story of a Bruce Springsteen fan, the Warner Bros/New Line Cinema presentation of Blinded by the Light inspires. Arriving in theatres August 16, 2019, Blinded by the Light stars Viveika Kalra as Javed - a Pakistani-British teen poetically inspired by the lyrics and music of Bruce Springsteen. Javed is so inspired by the new found music and lyrics of Bruce Springsteen that it becomes the turning-point in his life as he tries to find his place in the world.

The realistic feel of Blinded by the Light is thanks to the excellent acting of all under the direction of Gurinder Chadha. Aaron Phagura plays Roops the classmate who introduces him to the music of Bruce Springsteen. The two teens struggle in the Luton, England neighborhood that is full of racism and economic turmoil. The lyrics of Springsteen's songs gave them the vision and inspiration to find their voice.

The climax in Blinded by the Light is how Javed, who lives in a traditional Pakistani-Muslim home, managed to do that. Kulvinder Ghir excellently plays the stubborn Pakistani-Muslim dad whose dominate role in the family is threaten with a lay-off. Hayley Atwell plays Ms. Clay his teacher who falls in love with his poetry and helps him find his place in the world as a writer - something that goes against what his father wants for him.

Blinded by the Light is Rated PG-13 and also stars Dean-Charles Chapman as Matt, a neighbor Javed writes lyrics for and David Hayman as Mr. Evans, another neighbor who supports Javed's choice to be a writer. Chadha is also producer and writer of the film that also stars Neera Ganatra as Noor - Javed's mother; Tara Divina as Javed as his sister Yasmeen; Nell Williams as Eliza - the love interest of Javed; Nikita Mehta as his sister Shazia; Rob Brybon, Jonno Davies, and Sally Phillip as Mrs. Anderson the school principle. 

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