The Pulse of Entertainment - January 28, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: The Mighty Men of Faith to Release Inspiring Live Album February 21, 2020
Eunice Moseley


(January 28, 2020)- "We didn't know they were recording," said Wendell Basey, co-founded of the vocal Contemporary Gospel group The Mighty Men of Faith about their performance at the Valley Christian School in San Jose, California. "They ‘googled' looking for a Gospel group in the Bay area and our name came up. The Chaplain of the school listened to us and said these guys are good."

The Mighty Men of Faith sang for an hour straight for the Valley Christian middle school students and with a break sang another hour for the high school students. They selected seven songs they felt young people would enjoy and I think they did an excellent job. The songs they selected combined the Word of God with Contemporary sounds and phrases like "pump, pump, pump, pump it up" and delivers it in a Contemporary Jazz form. They mastered the recording by the school of the performances and will release it as "The Mighty Men of Faith Live at Valley Christian" (Baysco) on February 21, 2020.

"They even gave us 5-6 minutes for a sermon to students about friendship," Basey informed me.

The Mighty Men of Faith member Rev. Ed Harris gave the sermon on friendship.

"Well, I talked about what the Bible said...that God would open doors," Rev. Harris said. "That's what all of us want, to be in a place of friendship. I talked about Abraham being a friend of God, He trusted God...he leaned on matter what. God looks at the heart."

Aside from Wendell and Edward, members of The Mighty Men of Faith include actor/singer Charles Johnson and Rev. Richard Hayes - son of Rev. Ed. Harris. Johnson replaced co-founding member Malvin Scott who pasted-away and Rev. Hayes replaced co-founding member William Carswell who left for a solo project.

The Mighty Men of Faith has a grass-roots sound, almost raw in nature, with harmony as the thing that sticks out for me - that street corner harmony I was raised on. Of "The Mighty Men of Faith Live at Valley Christian" selections offered my favorites include #1 "Magnify His Holy Name" because of the harmony and its Praise & Worship feel; #2 "Believe in His Promises" because of the guitar work by Neil Castro and the electric keyboard sounds by Prince Damon and the vocals are almost like they are rapping bring that Hip-Hop feel to it, which is great for youth; #3 "Clean Up" because it's a great Praise & Worship song for kids, almost like a lullaby; #4 "Now I'm New" because it's a sweet and simple testimony of thanks; #5 "Power of We" because I love how they combine traditional with modern music making it great for kids and the harmony is tight too; #6 "A Friend of God" because its another wonderful Praise & Worship song, and #7 "This Joy" because it's a nice Contemporary Jazz number that has a twist of the Hip-Hop culture. I think I basically said the whole album is worthy of praise! Other musicians on the project aside from Castro on lead guitar and Damon on keyboard, are Cierra Davis on drums and Vernon Hall on bass. 

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