The Pulse of Entertainment - March 3, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Broadway Opera Singer Cheryl Warfield Pays Honor to the Works of Leontyne Price During March 29, 2020 Lecture/Concert Series 

cheryl_warfield-tosca-image.jpeg(March 3, 2020) - "This is part two," said New York based Opera singer Cheryl Warfield about the "Dynamic Divas II: Stories of African-American Sopranos Who Inspire and Enrich" lecture/concert presentation Sunday, March 29, 2020 at the Advent Lutheran Church to honor the works of Leontyne Price. "Created a series about...Opera singers, I highlight them."

Cheryl also performs the opera singers' musical works. The first "Dynamic Divas" Lecture Concert highlighted the works of three other opera singers. A seasoned Soprano vocalist Cheryl has performed over 15 lead operatic roles in New York and throughout Europe, which includes the Broadway production of "Show Boat."

"It's a community center in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They focus on the arts. It's an interesting area; there are expensive houses and projects. The Bernie Wohl Center does amazing outreach. I performed there once and met the director who understands artists," Warfield said about the organization that will benefit from the proceeds of the event.

The "Dynamic Divas" series is part of the 5th annual "Women History Artist Month" (WHAM) Festival produced by the Goddard Riverside Bernie Wohl Center. The proceeds are to benefit the Performing Arts Conservatory of the Bernie Wohl Performing Arts Center.

"I am a teaching artist," Cheryl pointed out.

During her lecture/concert on the works and life of Opera singer Leontyne Price attendees will hear the soprano voice of Warfield as she performs Price's work, which includes the works of Verdi, Puccini and Mozart. She will be accompanied by pianist Olga Gurevich. 

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