The Pulse of Entertainment - December 22, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Jazz Vocalist Brettina Offers ‘Simple Pleasures,' a Sexy Single; Preps for ‘New Day' Album Release

Eunice Moseley


(December 22, 2020) - "It gradually happened," said Nassau Bahamas Jazz singer, songwriter Brettina about her current work done in collaboration with Grammy Award nominated/multi-platinum music producer G'harah "PK" Degeddignseze (Chris Brown "Fine China") and songwriter/producer Patricia Mattani - whom she calls "young people". "I went into the studio with the finest musicians. Musicians that love music...They did their own thing. I said, ‘It sounds too Pop.' But they said, ‘its ok go with it'. I love the fact that they took me out of my comfort zone. I'm working with a young talented producer who has worked with Chris Brown and Justin. This guy PK (2 Chainz "Count Down")...took me out of my comfort zone. He brought the young people."

The result, her first single "Bop Baiye" made everyone take-notice of her Jazz roots, and her current single "Simple Pleasures" showcases her vocal ability that will make everyone's heads turn. The singles are off of her upcoming 2021 album release "New Day."

"The first single ‘Bob Baiye' has a music video...not released yet," Brettina pointed out. "My first album was ‘Brettina'. It did good. It did very well in the Bahamas and Europe."

Brettina has a Bachelors degree from the University of Washington.

"I majored in Cross Cultural Communications. I learned Swahili and tried French," she recalled.

Brettina's mother moved to the United States because she was an actress. She went with her mom later on, and her father stayed in the Bahamas.

"My mom was an actress. She went to Chicago. She performed at the Goldman Theatre," she said. "It was a group of them. The called themselves the ‘Rat-Pack'. They grew up together in the scene. Later she sent for us. We lived in Chicago for ten years. She was high-profile. The others went to Hollywood, but she wanted to stay with her kids (in Chicago). My father didn't venture out (of the Bahamas) but my mom did."

"I went home after ten years in America and they didn't know me," Brettina laughed.

Her fusion of Smooth Jazz and the sounds of the Caribbean have garnered a young fan-base for the sultry singer. Having PK, the music composer for "Tamar & Vince," "Braxton Family Values," and "R&B Divas: ATL" series, on your project is the cherry-on-the-cake that will make all the difference for Brettina. 

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