The Pulse of Entertainment - May 4, 2021

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Rapper Lil' Hyste Releases New Single, ‘Pandemic'

Eunice Moseley


(May 4, 2021) - "I hyped my way into your music," said San Diego rapper Lil' Hyste as to the meaning of his stage name.

Born Hasan McDuffie, Lil' Hyste just released a new single titled "Pandemic." He performed the offering recently at the 22nd annual Baltimore "ULMII" Entertainment Conference, with a flow of a seasoned MC, a delivery like a seasoned entertainer and a sound system backing him that gave a clear and booming experience for all. So impressive was his new single and performance that he walked away with the conferences' "ULMII Best Songwriter" Award for the "Pandemic" single. The San Diego rapper has lived almost everywhere in the U.S. as he takes his journey to the top of the music industry, but he currently resides in Minnesota.

"I'm staying in your way until you like my music," he laughed about his stage persona.

About his current project Lil' Hyste said that the "Pandemic" single came out the uncertainties of the country's pandemic hype and restrictions. He said, "I was kind of I decided to switch it up." The result, is the "Pandemic" single.

He did switched it up so much that I am sure you will want to be a Lil' Hyste hype-man. He started rapping at the tender age of 10 in San Diego. As a young rapper he performed on stages in Arizona, New York, Georgia, Las Vegas and Chicago. As he got older his stage included a performance for BET's "Wild Out Wednesday" try-outs and he won! Throughout his 16 year career as a rapper he has been opening act for Lil' Flip, Kurupt, Trina and Juicy J.

"I want to just be successful. I want to have longevity and money," he said of his future in the music business when I asked. He giggled a little, but was very serious, when he said, "Because I hate walking around and can't give money to the homeless."


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