The Pulse of Entertainment - June 1, 2021
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The Pulse of Entertainment: Heather Hatton's Stand-Up Comedy Show to Air on Amazon Prime

Eunice Moseley


(June 1, 2021) - "Actually I've been doing this for 10 years,' said Heather Hatton, a stand-up comedian from Houston, Texas. "I'm at a certain point where you have to do it for fun."

Hatton gave a very fun and funny interview. I could tell she was just being herself too and I was just imagining, while we were talking, what a funny entertainer she must be.

"I often tell comedians, when you have to pick on the crowd that's a sign of lack of material. They took their time to see you. I don't do that, but if you hackle me - I don't play that sh**," Heather said.

She was listed by Talk Tome website, with such female comedians as Chelsea Handler ("Chelsea Lately") and Tina Fey ("Saturday Night"/"30 Rock"), as one of the "Top 10 Sexiest Bit**** in Comedy," Heather Hatton landed on the Talk Tome List at the #4 spot.

"I'm very athletic. I have a black-belt and a Yale graduate," she said. "I wanted to be a model but I was too short. Vanity Fair said I was a pretty comedian...I dived (further) into it (comedy)."

Heather is not insulted, as a comedian, when the media points out her beauty. I could tell she was very honored and she gave all praises to God.

"I was praying, I said, ‘God if you get me to Tyler Perry...' Then I got the feeling He got offended," she said, in a way that had me laughing so hard. "He (God) stopped me in mid-prayer. I said, ‘Ok (God). I'll be receptive to the doors You open for me'."

Like most of the comedians I have interviewed, Heather was urged to take the stage at a nightclub, and the rest is history.

"My friend, an entertainment attorney, he said, ‘You so funny'," Heather said when talking about her start as a comedian. "I'm a sh** talker...He said, ‘You should be in comedy cause its all about the delivery. You should go up there' I went up there and talked sh**."

Her stand-up performances can be seen on MTV, at The J Spot Comedy Club and the Tymes Square Club in Houston where she got her start. Hatton received a Certification of Appreciate for her work in entertainment by Houston via a Council member.

"Me and God have a different kind of relationship because I start fussing with God. I know God be saying, ‘I created the wrong fool.' I be saying, ‘God, You dragging your feet!' We be into it in this house! He sent me a message, cause soon after I was working with Kevin Hart, then Beyonce'/Destiny's Child."

"Because of my ‘delivery' I have been asked to speak at commencements," Heather added. She will be co-hosting the 22nd Los Angeles ‘ULMII' Entertainment Conference with radio personality Doresa Harvey (Magic 95.9FM and Praise 106.1FM) on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

"It's ok to talk to God and don't butter it up," she pointed out. Reminding me of myself, how she includes God in her conversation as if He was in the room, Heather continued, "People tell me the way you talk about God you need to open up a church. I say, ‘naw, I cuss too much.' When you thank God for that which hasn't happened, you open the door for it to happen."

Heather Hatton released on DVD "Talk Back with Heather Hatton" and "Heather Hatton Live", which debuted at #94 on the U.S. Chart and #1 on the Canadian Chart. "Heather Hatton Live" will soon premiere on Amazon Prime. She also released a Calendar and a ring-tone.

"The money is behind the scene," she informed me. "I have my own coffee collection (Cognac Infused) in Walmart and Sears stores and I have a stand-up comedy show coming out on Amazon Prime."


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