The Pulse of Entertainment - October 8, 2021

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Guitarist dee Brown's Strings Does a Jazzy Dance on ‘Deep Secrets' Album


(October 8, 2021) - "During the pandemic...all the tracks were done...going back and forth. We put live drums and live sax in the studio. The first single ‘Smooth Talk' came out last year. It reached Top 30s (on the Charts). It did pretty good," said Jazz guitarist dee Brown about his latest album "Deep Secrets" (Innervision Records) released in September, 2021.

Brown deliberately spells his first name with a lower case "d" to, as he said, "look more authentic as an artist." His fifth solo album, "Deep Secrets," has a lot of support from both musicians and vocalists - going back and forth to make it work. Featured on the project are vocalist Gerard Brooks; saxophonist Merlon Devine; bass player Blair Bryant, and trumpeter Lin Rountree.

The album is dedicated to dee Brown's late mother and new granddaughter. When asked about the message of the album he said, "Life continues, it's a revolving door. Not just for me (because his mother passed around the same time he gained a grandchild) but everyone. My granddaughter is new to the world...knows nothing."

The "Deep Secrets" album also has assistance from Dezie McCullers, Jr. (sax); Nate Harasim (keyboard/piano); Michael Parlett (sax); Ed Tate (bass); Darryl Williams (bass); Tony Moore (drums); Valden Brantley (keyboard/piano); Gerard Gibbs (piano); Ron Otis (drums), and is produced by Billboard Chart-topper Blake Aaron, Grammy nominated Valdez Brantley, Grammy nominated Darren Rahn, and Harasim.

"I started this thing in 2007," said dee about his solo music career. "The side music, I do that all the time...for income. The record company does a lot for you...but you may have to invest some money you believe in yourself."

In his career Brown has played for such artists as Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Jeffrey Osborne, Ohio Players, Spyro Gyra, Gerald Albright, Najee, Mindi Abair, Paul Brown - to name a few. My favorite songs on the 11-track "Deep Secrets" project includes #1 "Love You Too" for its nice finger-snapping groove; #4 "Surrender" because dee's strings almost sound like keys, a whimsical sound; #6 "Wake Up" for its nice groove and how the stings seem to be singing; #7 the cover of "Praise Is What I Do" featuring Gerard Brooks on vocals and Merlon Devine on sax, because of how it begins sounding like there are violins, to later discover as it transitions that it's the keyboard playing of Gerard Gibbs and also I love how the sax smoothly takes over as the featured instrument, then it dances with the strings, and how superbly the vocals seal the song as a masterpiece, however once you hear the lyrics you just may start whipping tears of joy from your eyes like I did; the title track #8 "Deep Secrets" features Blair Bryant on bass and is a nice Jazzy selection where the strings at times sound like keys; #9 "Controlled Passion" features Merlon Devine on sax, I love how the strings and the sax dance together, then transitioning expertly to the keys played by Valdez, and #10 "Tie The Knot" features Lin Rountree on trumpet, I like its Jazzy sound and how the horn blows you away with its smoothness.

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