The Pulse of Entertainment - October 15, 2021

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Black Music Award Winner Vincent Gross Launches G Sharp Records, Prep for Album Releases


(October 15, 2021) - "I just put finishing touches on a Big Band record, ‘Vincent Gross Swings' featuring Vanessa Rubin, an Old School Jazz singer,' said Vincent Gross, head of the newly launched full-service record label G Sharp Records. "I have a Neo-Soul project that I'm working on, a compilation of several originals called ‘Morning.' ‘Morning' (the single) is about how people look for love but love is right there. What makes this special is my niece and nephew...are on it."

Gross, a Baltimore native, is a veteran Jazz trumpeter who has worked with Emmy winning Bobby Lyles, Art Blake and Dominique Hammons. He is also an accomplished Jazz vocalist, which garnered him a Black Music Award win in 2020. Versed in not only Jazz, but Bebop, Blues, R&B, Funk and Soul, his G Sharp Records is looking to expand its roster by adding on Hip-Hop R&B and Gospel, and Pop. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University Peabody Conservatory Vincent, aside from his music career, he has spent his career also as a General/Business Manager in the automotive industry.

The ASCAP and BMI member's mother played drums and harmonica, and his father was a pastor. His sons Vincent Gross, Jr. and Julian Gross are just as educated and musically talented. Vincent, Jr. is a fluent vibraphonist who speaks six languages, has a Masters in Business Management, and serves in the U.S. Army. Julian writes, sings, raps, and produces songs. He received a Masters at 21 years-old and is currently in Atlanta (and Hawaii) working as a producer for heavy-weight artists. I listened to a Hip-Hop Gospel album of Julian's, where he expertly gives God's Word in a masterfully fresh urban way. I see nothing but big things from both his sons, who are currently signed to his G Sharp Records imprint.

"The three of us are working on ‘3 Gs' (album). I have writers, producers and musicians in my family and I am the favorite Uncle," Vincent laughed a little about his label's in-house staff of writing, producing and instrumental experts. "I have a nephew on tour with Chris Brown. One performs with Kirk Franklin. I have graduates of Peabody, Morgan, Berklee and University of Maryland. Vincent, Jr. wanted to join Outkast, but I said no, your grades are not that good...he still mixes and produces, but I should have gotten him a tutor!"

vincentgross5.jpgVincent Gross is always performing with his band of musicians, in the studio recording or networking at industry events, such as the 22nd annual "ULMII" Entertainment Conference to be held from Los Angeles via Zoom, where he will be a panelist checking out the talent. He has performed at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and in Japan for the Japan Jazz Festival. An Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity member of St. Augustine University, Vincent also plays the flugelhorn and the cornet. His musical influences include Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Dizzy.

"You got to be suited-and-booted, got to have on a suit," Gross said about his band's look. "That's how you present yourself."

Vincent closes with a story on how he use to play in night clubs at 16 years-old. He was too young to be in the club, but too talented a musician and vocalist to keep out.

"I was at the Sportsmen's Lounge...I was 16, playing in the clubs," he informed me. He continued his story about how a guy came up to him and said, "One day you're going to make it big. Let me show you how to get longevity, you have to entertain the crowd."

Vincent said, "He went on stage and played ‘Misty Blue' on a saw!"

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Eunice MoseleyMS, MBA, MPhil has an estimated weekly readership of over ¼ million with The Pulse of Entertainment. She is also a Public Relations Strategist and Business Management Consultant at Freelance Associates, and is Promotions Director (at-large) for The Baltimore Timeswww.ThePulseofEntertainment.comEVENTS: "Uplifting Minds II" Entertainment Conference (ULMII), founded by Eunice in 1999, is into its 22nd year. Next events are coming to Los Angeles Saturday November 6, 2021 at via Zoom and Baltimore Saturday April 16, 2022 via Zoom, presented by Security Square Mall and The Baltimore Times. The ULMII event is a free entertainment conference offering an Business Management Panel Q&A Session, a Talent Showcase and Talent Competition (vocal, songwriting, dance and acting) where aspiring artists have a chance to receive over $16,000 valued in prizes/product/services. Log onto for more information or to RSVP. 

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