The Pulse of Entertainment - November 16, 2021

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Sweet Black, Documentary on the Life of Melvin Van Peebles, to Air in France, Germany and the EU


(November 16, 2021) - "He was the father of independent films," said Tanya Hart, co-producer of the Pop Film (Steven and Sylvie Gautier) documentary Sweet Black, based on the life of Melvin Van Peebles (Sweet Sweetback's Badaass Song). "That's why you can make a living (making independent films) because he was the Godfather of Black cinema."

The Sweet Sweetback's Badaass Song film debuted in 1971, 50 years ago. Melvin Van Peebles - an actor, director (Columbia Pictures' Watermelon), composer and playwright - found it hard to get through the "Hollywood" door with content that realistically depicted the black experience, so he moved to France and built his own door to Hollywood. France, at the time, welcomed black actors, directors and filmmakers. Melvin not only starred in the film, that had a budget of $500,000, but he made an unheard of 10 million dollars upon its release.

Mario_MelvinVanPeebles.jpg"We just received the call for this in the spring. They needed a U. S. partner to shoot some stuff. It's airing in France in March, 2022...we're making plans to bring it to the U. S.," said Tanya about how her company, Flying Free Films, became co-producers of the Sweet Black documentary. "The French people wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary for Sweetback. He is still so popular over there."

She continued, "Melvin knew (about Sweet Black)...he took ill and everyone ended up in his apartment (in Manhattan, NY). Melvin came home from the hospital but died on the last day of shooting. I think he knew (he was dying). He was thrilled with France, it was a big part of his gave him energy."

He has two sons - Mario and Max. Mario Van Peebles made the Baadassssss! film in 2003 about the making of Sweet Sweetback's Badaass Song, where he plays his father Melvin.

"Melvin moved to France before Sweetback...he was fed-up with the U.S. with its black filmmaking. It was during the Harlem Renaissance...," Tanya said, "Max still lives there. He is younger than Mario."

Tanya-Hart.jpgA four-time Emmy Award winner Tanya's Flying Free Films (Ray Charles: The Music Lives On) is partnered with her husband Phil. She is also a singer ("Tanya Hart Sings"); an actress (Tale of James Brown); television host (BET's "Live from L. A. with Tanya Hart"); a radio personality at American Urban Radio Network (AURN), which airs on over 300 stations and is an author of children books. Hart, also a Peabody Award winner, is co-chair at The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors.

Catherine Bernstein and Marline Delumeau are writers and directors of the Sweet Black documentary, with Jerome Colin serving as director of photography. It will air on ARTE TV in March, 2022 in France, Germany and the EU (European Union).

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