The Pulse of Entertainment - December 14, 2021

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Gospel's Kinzmen Launches KeReVan Record Label, Releases ‘Full Circle' Album


(December 14, 2021) - "We wanted to reintroduce ourselves," said Keith Vasser, one of four members of the Gospel group Kinzmen, about the "Full Circle" (KeReVan Music Group) album. The group entered the music business in their 20s at MCA Records as Youth Edition. "The name change came because we went through phases. We went by Youth Edition, but we've evolved and gotten older...but we're still young at heart. We went back and forth...we were kinfolk and we are men of God."

The Chicago natives consist of Keith and his brother Kevin Vasser, and their cousins Reggie Tillman and Van Moody. The "Full Circle" project is released on their record label and has three singles out - "I Made It" featuring Charles Jenkins, "God's Really Been Good" and "Born Again."

"We never really broke up, we took a break from music," Kevin said. "Our families were still involved...our parents are siblings. The goal now is to get this record out and start our record label. God has a plan for all of us; we just need to stay focused."

"We planned to get back together to do music," Reggie explained. "We grew as men, grew spiritually, we had families...grew to know God. The time is now because we have something to say."

The "Full Circle" album consists of over 10 selections.

"This is the first record from our label," added Van. "We get to keep the masters! We have creative control...working hard...we've come ‘Full Circle'."

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