The Pulse of Entertainment - January 4, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: ComedianComedian/actor Stamaur Mitchell aka Ayye Pap signs with Artiste House

By Dr. Eunice Moseley



"I'm a stand-up comedian, actor, model, content creator...I'm a jack of all trades," said Stamaur Mitchell, known on stage as Ayye Pap, about himself.

Ayye Pap, who recently signed with creative firm Artiste House, was explaining that his type of comedy is different from today's comedians who are using Social Media as their stage.

"I feel like Social Media as taken the essence of what a comedian is," he pointed out. "I'm seven years in...I've seen the Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence... and I'm glad I did, it instilled in me what comedy is. You got to hit the stage...polish your craft."

Ayye Pap, a Prince George's County (Maryland) native, has hit many stages perfecting his craft. Currently based in Los Angeles he has performed his stand-up show at the LA Improve, Jay Spot LA, The Comedy Store, as well as at the Howard Theatre, The Stand-up Comedy Club, and The Laugh Factory. As an actor his credits include Fox Sports' Spencer vs. Garcia as Errol Spence, on a Amazon Prime project, and on MTV's Ridiculousness.

"When I'm on stage...telling my jokes, it's like a high, there are no problems," Ayye Pap said. "I want to broaden the arising. Get noticed by my peers...(comedy) know I'm not some guy on the internet. Any laughs I get, natural."

Artiste House is a full service firm, best known for using innovative public relations campaigns and TV/film projects. Mitchell is also a fitness enthusiast. Though he hits the stage often he too has made his imprint on Social Media resulting in 114,000 followers on Instagram, 54,000 on TikTok, and 36,000 on Twitter.

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