The Pulse of Entertainment - January 11, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: New Girl Group Glam Squad Release ‘Drippin'' Featuring King Harris

By Dr. Eunice Moseley



(January 11, 2022) - UED Music Groups Glam Squad releases ‘Drippin" single featuring King Harris.
*"Half my life I've been performing," said Mya, one of three members of the new girl group Glam Squad with Star and Londyn.

Glam Squad recently released a new single "Drippin'" (UEDMG/Orchard/Sony) featuring rapper King Harris. They have also toured with rapper Lay Lay of Nickelodeon's "That Girl Lay Lay." The group was formed by Londyn's father Unique who owns UED Studios and UED Music Group. He is a celebrity choreographer (Mary J Blige, Ginuwine, Avant). His studio offers dance and vocal lessons, which is how the girls met each other.

"I was there for voice," said Mya about how she met Star and Londyn who were there for dance.

On how forming the group came about, Londyn said, "I wanted to be in a girl group. So he (Unique) started to interview...His company is a film, recording and dance studio."

"In elementary school I was in a music program," Mya informed me. "My mom enrolled me. My father is a performer. He does gigs in a band."

"We just did a music video with King," Londyn added about her experience with rapper King Harris - son of the iconic rapper T. I. and singer Tameka (Xscape). "It was a good experience. Very fun...He's chill."

The new single "Drippin'" was written by Oliver Edwards and produced by Blessed. Based in Atlanta Glam Squad is ready, and seems to be very excited, to make their imprint on the entertainment industry.

On touring with Nickelodeon's Lay Lay Londyn said, "It showed us we got higher in entertainment and it pushed us to release new songs."

When asked about their plans for the future in entertainment Londyn added, "I want to do bigger shows. Be known as a songwriter too. To travel...touring with my girls."

"I ultimately want to be credited as a songwriter as well," Mya said. "Not just a singer ...and be big enough to make it to the Grammy' carpet make an impact."

"I want to entertain people," said Star as we concluded the interview. "I want to give people a good when they watch us they will go ‘wow!'"

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