The Pulse of Entertainment - January 7, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Everything's 'Gold' with Serena Laurel in New Single, Video and Film

By Dr. Eunice Moseley


I really wanted to make a music video for 'Gold', but I didn't want a lip-syncing video and thought of a short film," said Serena Laurel about her new projects to promote her single 'Gold."

Serena is connected to the fashion wotld and so she incorporated her fashion world with her music world in her music video/short film "Gold." Set in an elegant building projecting class as Serena delivers her song in beautiful fashions to match the set.

"The location was in Santa Monica at a furniture store that was out of business, she informed me when I complimented her on the set. "I'm in Nashville right now; I just flew back from Los Angeles."

"Gold" the music video/short film was directed by Allisyn Snyder and was recently honored with the Best Fashion Film Award at Film Fest LA Live. Serena us anstunnernajrbthe epitome of an entertainer as a Pop singer, songwriter, musician, award-winning actress (Summertimr Dropout), and an influencer with her Fashion Blog.

"I wrote this song about a relationship I had," Serena pointed out to me. "lt had interesting depths. I wantednto create a video...with an album that showed those whimsical feelings."

reminiscent of when Michael Jackson introduced the short film music video, Serena's "Gold" had a major team that included Dylan Synder (Dusney's "Kickin' It") as director of photography, Joey Luthman (Long Road Home) as assistant director of photography, and Celebrity stylist Julie Perry. Fashions worn by Laurel were provided by Maison Privee, For the Stars Fashion and Runaway Dubai. Her jewels were designed by Charles and Ron. The " Gold" short film premiered at the L.A. Live Regal Cinema.


"The video was shot at the top of Covid 2020. It took five people 6 hours in one day to complete," she pointed out. "I'm featured in rhe 2022 film 'Summertime Dropout.' It will feature my songwriting. I play a guitarist in a (Punk Rock) band."


If all this is not enough Serena Laurel will be graduating soon with a degree in Singwriting and a minor degree in Music.


"This is the best team I've worked with in a long time. They make short films of theirnown that I'm in," Serena concluded. 

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