The Pulse of Entertainment - February 11, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Dr. Dave and the Housecall Band's ‘Carefree Revisited' is Crazy Smooth

By Dr. Eunice Moseley


(February 11, 2022) - "She recommended I go by Dr. Dave," said Smooth Jazz guitarist Dr. Dave, who is to release a new album from Dr. Dave & the Housecall Band titled "Carefree Revisited," about his stage name. "She was a DJ at a Smooth Jazz radio station."

Dr. Dave said she mentioned how musicians in the industry referred to him as Dr. Dave because they knew he had a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. That was all she heard him called.

On March 4, 2022 Dr. Dave and the Housecall Band will be releasing the "Carefree Revisited" project on Hatherill Records, offering 10 selections - two of which are covers. The cover songs are by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and the other by Bobby McFerrin.

"Each one has a story," he said about the tracks on the "Carefree Revisited" album.

The Housecall Band consist of Cecil McBee, Jr. on bass; Rob Whitlock on keyboard; Larry Logan on keyboard; Kevin Flournoy on keyboard; Ronnie Stewart on drums; Duncan Moore on drums; Tommy Aros on percussion; John Rekevics on sax and flute; Steve Wilcox on guitar; Hank Easton on rhythm guitar; Bill Harris on marimba; Stellita Porter on vocals; Jackie Bonaparte on vocals, and Ignacio "Nacho" Sobers on vocals.

"I made it back in 2014-2015...wasn't completely satisfied," Dr. Dave informed me. "I did release two songs from it and then shelved it. I went back to it."

Dr. Dave released an album titled "Carefree" in 2014, which he wasn't satisfied with and in 2018 one called "Midnight Daydream." So on March 4th he re-releases "Carefree" as "Carefree Revisited," which is basically the two albums integrated with The Housecall Band sound - what was missing, the band sound.

"This album features Rob Whitlock, he use to play with Spyro Gyra," Dr. Dave pointed out. "He wrote a nice track ‘Late Night with Dr. Dave.' If I had a talk show that would be my theme. It also has Cecil McBee, Jr., he is a writer on a tune (‘Feels So Good'). Also Jimmy Smith is on ‘G.B. Style'."

In addition to Whitlock, McBee, Jr. and Smith, "Carefree Revisited" features Ronnie Stewart, Kevin Flournoy, and Paul Desmond. The project is produced by Dr. Dave.

"I was playing guitar before I was walking," he laughed a little when I asked which came first his music or his Clinical Psychology practice, which he left for his music.

The single "G.B. Style" was released January 24th. He debuted in 1994 with "I Like It Like That." Today his catalogue consists of nine albums. As a musician he has recorded with Freddie Hubbard, Ernie Watts, Ronnie Laws and Hubert Laws. He has also opened concerts for such Smooth Jazz heavy hitters as saxophonist Dr. Marion Meadows.

My favorite cuts on the "Carefree Revisited" album include #2 "Almost Trinidad" because of the Smooth Jazz essence mixed with the sound of traditional Trinidad music; #4 "C Jam Blues" featuring Jimmy Smith on the Hammond B-3 organ because of the crazy strings, it was a nice change of pace; #5 "Late Night with Dr. Dave" featuring Rob Whitlock on keyboard because it is a well put together track which complimented the horns, and #6 "G.B. Style" featuring Whitlock and Flournoy on keyboard because I love how the keys dance with Dr. Dave's guitar strings and John Rekevics' flute.

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