The Pulse of Entertainment - March 29, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: King Moosa, the MC


(March 29, 2022) - "I'm working on the album ‘13 Summers.' Im'ma put out a couple of EPs before the album," said rapper King Moosa about his plans to share his skills as an MC and his special rhyming flow. "I accumulated so much music."

Born Brian Harrington, King Moosa accumulated his music while serving 13 years of a 25 year sentence for an accidental death during a gun deal.

Only 14 years-old at the time he said, "They put everybody together, the mentally ill with the first-timers. Because of the environment they leave there worst (than when they came in)."

Going through that life sparked the need for him to express himself the only way he knew how growing up in an urban environment, by rapping. The time he spent rapping in the lock-up gave him time to practice his skills and I do believe he deserves a degree in the art of emceeing.

"My scars come out when you feel it through my art," he said when I talked about physical scars from such a life.

Brian Harrington was given clemency after serving 13 years of a 25 year sentence and he wasted no time getting his music out there.

"The truth came out," he said about the clemency. "I want to be able to control my life, to be truly free. This is superficial freedom - out the gate."

King Moosa talked about not being able to control how he makes a living. Everyone can relate with having to work a job you don't like to feed your family and the demand of life in general on you that doesn't allow you time to heal. Through experiencing the death of my husband of 15 years I can say there is no healing, there is only living with - the scars or the pain. King Moosa as decided to share his scars through his lyrics and lessen his pain with the release of his music.

"The stigma- through music, television and school," he said about "urban living." "I want to get people to understand the systematic oppression that's happening. You can't blame the kid with the gun, he didn't make the gun, and he didn't bring the drugs into the community. My job is to keep them informed."

Some of the material he has released since gaining his freedom include the singles (and music videos) "Trap Talk," " Imma King" (my favorite), "Deep End Freestyle," "Real as It Gets," "Dolls fo Dolla" and "13 Summers."

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