The Pulse of Entertainment - August 2, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Blake Aaron Releases ‘Dreamland' Single from ‘Love & Rhythm', with ‘Crush' Coming September 19, 2022


(August 2, 2022) - "It's single by single," said Innervision guitarist Blake Aaron about the lead up to his new album with the release of his second single "Dreamland". "I released seven songs (singles) from each of my albums."

Blakes' newest album will be his seventh and it's titled "Love and Rhythm" (Innervision Records). Both singles from the album reached #1 on Billboard.

"We have a third single coming out September 19th. You are the first to know it's called ‘Crush'," Aaron told me.

The "Dreamland" single reached #1 on five national charts which included Billboard, MediaBase and Radiowave. It is co-written by Adam Hawley (keyboard), who is also a featured musician on the song along with Eric Valentine on drums, Mel Brown on bass, David Mann on sax and Trevor Neumann on trumpet.

The first single off the "Love and Rhythm" project is titled "Sunday Strut," also co-written with Adam.

"We have collaborated before," said Aaron when I asked about co-writing with Adam Hawley on the new single. "This is our second. We have a third song coming out September 19th."

When asked when the "Love and Rhythm" album is due out Blake Aaron said, "Not sure yet. This music is changing with streaming. It's more advantageous to release singles. Then after a number of singles release the album. You can promote the album each time. I have been doing that by necessity... and it worked!"

I told him it makes sense to me. Single after single after single until we have heard just about the whole album before the album is released. People from a diverse background can fall in love with Aaron's melting pot of songs giving the public more reasons to like him and buy into the album.
You can catch Blake Aaron live while he is touring to promote "Love and Rhythm" and its many many singles that currently include "Sunday Strut," "Dreamland" and "Crush." Blake arrives in NC at Mountain Brook August 20th; San Diego at Humphrey's August 21st; Florida at The Maxwell August 27th and Central Park Performing Arts August 28th; Georgia at City Winery Atlanta September 5th; California at Oxnard Jazz Festival September 10th and Catalina Island October 20th; Texas at BillyRay Sheppard's Jazz Cruise October 23rd and at the Mallorca in Spain October 31, 2022.

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