The Pulse of Entertainment - October 21, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Composer Dave Palmer Scores Something About Mary, The Greatest Beer Run Ever


(October 21, 2022) - "Composing (scores) is more contextual, more focused on a special event," said composer Dave Palmer when asked about the difference in composing the score for his latest projects Director Peter Farrelly's film The Greatest Bear Run Ever and the Broadway musical Something About Mary, and for his music as a Jazz musician. "Which, to me, makes it easy. Songs are from an emotional experience in your life."

Not only is Palmer a film and television composer, but he is also a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, musical director, arranger, and member of the Jazz ensembles The Duo Trio with drummer Jay Bellerose and the Earl Harvin Trio. His latest project, the Apple Studio presentation of The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a true story about a Marine veteran who delivered beer to his buddies in the Army during Vietnam, is Rated R and was released to theaters at the end of September. It has garnered 84% of "likes" by Google users and with a budget of $40 million the film has grossed over $321 million.

Currently working on the score for a Broadway musical Dave said, "I've been working on it for three to four years when we have time. When you write something like that you have to have a lot of material. We have 30% of the material that is usable."

As a musician Dave has worked with composer Brian Reitzell on scores for Friday Night Lights, Stranger Than Fiction, and NBC's "Hannibal." Fluent in Jazz, Rock, Christian, and Dance/Electric genres Palmer has released five albums. As co-composer he has worked on the scores for films Red Riding Hood, 30 Days of Night, Goats, Boss, and The Brothers Bloom. As a composer he has also scored for Dana Brown's On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.

"I'd rather's more interesting being a composer, more creative," he told me when asked. "The music business has evolved. Artists are more independent than they use to be. I just love playing music."

The Texas native currently lives in California and as a musician (keyboardist) has worked with Fiona Apple, Seal, Twista, De La Soul, Kanye West, Fleetwood Mac, and the Goo Goo Dolls. His own solo projects as a Jazz musician include "Strange Happy" with Earl Harvin (1997), Live at the Gypsy Tea Room with the Earl Harvin Trio (1999), Unincorporated with the Earl Harvin Trio (2001), The Jam with Fred Hamilton and the Earl Harvin Trio (2005), and Romance (2006).

"I came up playing in a lot of bands," Dave said.

About becoming a composer for film and television scores Palmer said, "In 2002 I was on touring break from London and a drummer, who was a close friend, was doing a film we been working together with them for 12-years and one thing led to another and then I was composing on my own."

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