The Pulse of Entertainment - January 13, 2023

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Michelle A. Dukes is Creating Generational Wealth


(January 13, 2023) - "I started to do...a popular comedians' show...and when I did all the fans loved me. I had a great response," said Michelle A. Dukes about how her radio show was launched. "I went on to Dash Radio's ‘Voice...', then my own show on Dash Radio."

Dukes says she also appears and appeared on a lot of other personalities shows as well.

"There are lots of opportunities on the table right now," she added.

"I've done everything," she laughed when I asked about her background. "Accounting, human resources, worked at 20th Century as a writer and director. I've worked for Sony Pictures and even Johnnie Cochran!"

Michelle A. Dukes owns Rebel Threadz and a home healthcare agency in Los Angeles. She recently launched her own brand of bourbon, a Kentucky straight 80 proof whiskey called Papi's. She did it in honor of her heritage. Her grandfather Pratt Dukes was a moonshiner who was driven out of his hometown. To continue to make his bourbon he relocated to Los Angeles. Her uncle opened a bar in the Crenshaw district. I guess it was a move, so his brother Pratt had a place to sell his whiskey or moonshine."

"It's (the bar) still there...we don't own it though," she said, "The same uncle owned some was taken under eminent domain for a highway, but there is an apartment building there?!"

"It's a family legacy. A family heritage and it's my way of giving back to them. I am bringing back what they were trying to do. Bring it to a different level. My goal is to create generational wealth," Michelle said about her motivations. "I'm so excited. Named it Papi's daughter called my father (Lloyd Dukes) Papi."

When I asked how she went from human resources to entertainment Dukes said, "My godfather was Grady from ‘Sanford and Sons'. I couldn't understand how he could be on television and in my house at the same time. I was intrigued. His kids weren't moved by it, but I was!"

With her own radio show, multiple business ventures, skills as a writer and director for film and television, and a distiller of bourbon, Michelle A. Dukes is well on her way to leaving her family generational wealth. In fact, Michelle will soon launch Papi's Tequila.

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