The Pulse of Entertainment - January 17, 2023

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Devine Jamz Gospel Network's Ray Oster Launch Podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart Radio


(January 17, 2023) - "I always looked at artists first, putting them before myself," said Ray Oster (Devine Jamz) about the reason for the launch of Devine Jamz Gospel Network Podcast where he will interview artists and entertainment industry professionals of all levels, but in particular the up-and-coming artists. "They are the focus. The Podcast is more personal and has more leverage."

Ray is an Air Force veteran who worked as a law enforcement officer after his military service until he was disabled. Oster, whose father was COGIC's pastor, went on to work as a social worker for the disadvantage. He attended college and earning a master's degree. He continues to be a life-learner obtaining certificates in different areas. He just finished a program earning a certificate in public relations.

"I was working with an artist on a major label...artist was let go," Oster remembered as he answered my question. "I joined with him in digital marketing. We started...a radio station. It played music and was a weekly talk show. We discussed things in the community. I was giving advice in grew. It became overwhelming and I couldn't do both."

So, Ray decided to give advice to the artists that called his show, and he left radio. His Devine Jamz Gospel entity was launched in 2009 not only providing marketing services and advice to artists, but he launched the Devine Jamz Gospel Music record label launching many careers into the market.

"There's a difference in radio and Podcast. There's more control with Podcast," he explained. "With radio its just the radio, but with Podcast you can incorporate it in inside your blog... search engine optimizing. There is more leverage."

"It's a year in the making," Ray said. "When I have an idea...I study it and wait until I have the tools."

Based in Houston, Ray's Devine Jamz Gospel Network Podcast is on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio, Radio Public, and Youtube. He also eblast the Podcast through a digital newsletter.

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