The Pulse of Entertainment - April 4, 2023

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Gospel's One House Debuts with ‘Live Again' Album on Capitol CMG


(April 4, 2023) - "We want to reach people outside of church, to get them in the church," said GMA Dove Award winning Brunes Charles about his group One House's vocal mission via their debut album "Live Again" (Capitol CMG).

One House is a Contemporary Christian/Gospel group with R&B/Pop influence. The group/band consist of eight core vocalists and seven core musicians. They recently released their debut "Live Again" offering 13 selections. Featured artists include Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine, Amanda Cook, Mitch Wong, and Skye Reedy.

"Featured artists stay in the guest house," Brunes laughed when I asked about the many featured vocalists on the debut project. "We keep the same core people...but we have many rooms in the house."

The core people of One House include vocalists Roosevelt Stewart, Kyle McHargh, Megan Parker, Whitney Wood, Eliot Baker, Jade Burnett, Rose Meregini, and Rudy Villarreal. One House band members include Brunes Charles, Elijah Kai, Samuel Yun, Renny Goh, Ronald "CJ" Alexander, James "JR" Nelson, and Justin Deas.

"Our pastor said we have a sound that can go further," Brunes said about their humble beginnings. "We're at a church that attracts a lot of non-believers in the middle of Hollywood."

"We are furthering the creating a new sound," said Worship Leader Whitney Wood about One House's purpose. "We really believe in what we're doing."

"We speak in story form," Charles added.

"We're joining the sounds going on in Heaven...a beautiful offering of praise," Wood said when I commented on their bigger-than-life sound.

"As long as God is glorified," Brunes said about what they do. "There is beauty in that. I think God smiles at us."

"I listen to the album over and over," Whitney said as we concluded our interview. "I pray that they (listeners)....encounter the Holy Spirit. It's a testimony of what God is."
One House was formed by Pastor Toure' Roberts after combining the One Church LA music ministry with The Potter's House of Denver's music ministry.

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