The Pulse of Entertainment - April 3, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Isaac Carree's Love Tribute Hits Billboard's Top 20 Gospel Singles

Dr. Eunice Moseley 


(April 3, 2020) - A North Carolina native, Isaac Carree reached for the impossible not knowing what the reward would be, and received a reward that has made him forever one of the best artists in the history books on Contemporary Gospel. He has only released three albums, all produced by two-time Grammy Award winning Blac Elvis. The last album released is titled "No Risk, No Reward" (Shanachie Entertainment) and its single, "Her," has hit Billboard's Top 20 Gospel Singles Chart.

"It's a song to highlight who she is to me. To celebrate her greatness and beauty," said Isaac of the single "Her". "Sixteen years married. Men don't express verbally how they feel. It's an everyday process. One day it's great and one day it's rough."

Also a producer, Carree started out in 1996 as an artist in the Gospel group Men of Standard. He launched his solo career in 2011. His last album before "No Risk, No Reward," was released seven years ago, but yet his impact on the Contemporary Gospel industry was such that he could enlist for this new album Kirk Franklin, Zacardi Cortez, Lisa Knowles, Mr. Talkbox and Jazze Pha - outstanding. Isaac told me that his greatest achievement is "longevity."

"Being able to be relevant for 30 years...Awards come and go, you sell records sometimes and sometimes you don't. Staying in power and recreating yourself - very few have achieved that," he said when I asked. 

Isaac Carree has garnered Dove and BMI Awards as an artist and a producer. Atlanta based, in between albums Isaac has toured on the Bad Boys Reunion Tour and Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's Soul II Soul World Tour. He became an author when he published a book titled "Service: My Words, My Life, My Truth."

"You have to step out on faith and not act out of hear God say I'm pleased," Carree added when I asked about the meaning behind this project, "No Risk, No reward." "In life you never know what the reward is. You have to take risks." 

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