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Enhance Productivity, Be Inspired and Motivated!
Journey to Success: A Systematic Review Webinar
Saturday July 22, 2023
Saturday November 18, 2023 
Webinar offers a sytematic review of achieving success to enhance productivity on the job, and inspire and motivate you in your life and career.
Log onto EventBrite <here> to purcahse admission or email us at to purchase the Journey to Success Package via Zelle. The package includes access to one live airing,  a private link to Webinar, PDF of presentation, and a copy of  "Journey to Success: A Systematic Review" (Dorrance Publishing), a nonfiction book on success by Dr. Eunice Moseley. Admission to live auring, link, presentation slides and book sold separately. 
Webinar Speakers


Dr. Eunice Moseley
  • President: Freelance Associates
  • Founder: Uplifting Minds II Entertainment Conference
  • Syndicated Columnist: The Pulse of Entertainment
  • Author: "Journey to Success: A systematic review" 

Achieving Success Webinar


BIO: Dr. Eunice Moseley will speak on achieving success. She is the head of Freelance Associates and has a long career in communications. It started while servicing in the Navy as Internet Communications supervisor. It continued in print media for over 20 years in management (Business, Sales, Entertainment Editor, Promotions Director) at The Baltimore Times newspaper. Dr. Moseley has been a journalistm for over 30 years and for over 20 years she has published The Pulse of Entertainment, which has an estimated weekly readership of one million. She founded and coordinates the "Uplifting Minds II" Entertainment Conference in Baltimore and Los Angeles, now in its 24th year. Dr. Moseley, in this websinar, will share research data that can be found in her new book Journey to Success: A systematic review (Dorrance Publishing).

"You did a ton of work - this is hours and hours. Amazing job! Your visuals, text and voice narration all come together to make an excellent presentation on e-Learning and Gamification. Pretty mind-blowing stuff! Great technical execution - recording and producing the presentation -- you found some great information! I really appreciate your attention to detail from what is on the screen to the quality of your audio- not easy to do. This hits the mark! Very relevant!" - Dr. McPherson/Walden University to Dr. Moseley on her multi-media presentation



Dr. Lee Bailey
  • Publisher:
  • President: Rabercom
  • Former Host  RadioScope 

Overcoming Setbacks and Adversities Webinar


BIO: Dr. Lee Bailey will speak on overcoming setbacks and adversities. He is the publisher of (Electronic Urban Radio) and CEO of Rabercom. For over 30 years he was syndicated radio host of RadioScope. He is an Air Force veteran who started his first radio show while in service called, becoming known on the radio as "The Voice" for his baritone vocals. His RadioScope Show was aired on over 35 radio stations across the country. His digital magazine,, is the most popular digital pubication for black entertainment news surviving media crisis after crisis, the recession and the Covid pandemic. Bailey's content has been used by many entities, such as the Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Administration and cell phone apps. Dr. Bailey will share his experiences overcoming setbacks and adversities.

"It took me a while to appreciate (the popularity). I am not comfortable with people making a big deal. I am low key. I do the work and keep it moving. I think it's my calling." - Dr. Lee Bailey on receiving an honor from the Black Business Association.



Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs
  • Founder: More Than a Fraction Foundation
  • Artist Manager of SAG/AFTRA award winning actor Anthony Michael Hobbs
  • Vice President of Production at Imagination Lunchbox, LLC
  • Author: "More Than a Fraction: Based on a true story" 

Know Your Worth Webinar


BIO: Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs will speak on knowling your worth. She is the founder of the More Than a Fraction Foundation which conducts research on the history of African-Americans and Africans in American from the 18th Century on. Dr. Moseley-Hobbs is a guest lecture on history. She is also an artist manager ( of multi-award winning SAG/AFTRA actor Anthony Michael Hobbs (PBS, DreamWorks) and filmmaker( Dr. Kerri is also Vice President of film production at Imagination Lunchbox, LLC, and is a member of the board of the Smithfield-Preston Foundation which oversees part of the grounds at Virgina Tech. Dr. Moseley-Hobbs has a long career in education (financial aid). She will also share some research conducted for her creative non-fiction book "More Than a Fraction: Based on a true story."

"As the great-great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Fraction, Moseley-Hobbs gives an awesome testimony of where her family has been and the refusal to accept less than freedom..." - Book Review on Dr. Hobbs book.



Pastor Winston Grier
  • Minister at The Church of the Living God in Georgia
  • Christian Radio host at 104.9FM's "Changing Our World"
  • Author of "Making Money God's Way" 

Making Money Webinar


BIO: Dr. Winston Grier will speak on making money. He is a pastor at The Church of the Living God, a radio host of 104.9FM's "Changing Our World" in Georga, and author of "Making Money God's Way." Pastor Winston's Christian radio show was launched in 2015. He will share money making strategies that are in his new book "Making Money God's Way" (GW Ministgries).

"When someone says your word has done something for them...changed their world,..that's encouraging." - Pastor Winston Grier in an interview with The Pulse of Entertainment 



Held in partnership with Rabercom, WG Ministries, and the More Than a Fraction Foundation. Sponsored in part by Devine Jamz Gospel Network & The Baltimore Times.
For Admission to the live airing of Journey to Success Webinar log onto or Email Space is limited!







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Freelance Associates' Journey to Success: A Systematic Review Webinar '

(Includes Live Airing Access, and Private Link to Webinar.)


Freelance Associates' Journey to Success: A Systemtic Review Webinar

(Includes Live Airing Access, private link to Webinar and PDF of Presentation.)


Freelance Associates' Journey to Success: A Systematic Review Webinar

(Includes Live Airing Access, PDF of Presentation, private link to Webinar, and a copy of the "Journey to Success: A Systematic Review" (Dorrance Publishing) a nonfiction book on success by Dr. Eunice Moseley.)

"If You Can See It, and Believe It, You Can Achieve It"

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