The Pulse of Entertainment - March 13, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: LionsGate's Presentation of ‘I Still Believe' is a Timeless Love Story Dr. Eunice Moseley 


(March 13, 2020) - By The Lionsgate movie presentation of Grammy nominated Jeremy Thomas Camp's book I Still Believe, about marrying and loosing his "first" wife, is a timeless love story that is repeated throughout the ages. Rated PG I Still Believe arrives in theatres March 13, 2020. 

I Still Believe stars Teen Choice Award winning KJ Apa ("Riverdale") as Jeremy Camp; Britt Robertson (DreamWorks' A Dog's Promise) as his first wife Melissa; five-time Grammy Award winning Shania Twain (Trading Paint) as his mother Teri Camp; Academy Award winning Gary Sinise ("CSI: NY") as his dad Pastor Tom Camp, and Abigail Cowen as his second wife Adrienne. I Still Believe also stars Nathan Dean (CW's "Roswell") as Jean-Luc a very close friend to Melissa and a musical mentor to Jeremy. 

I Still Believe is director and produced by brothers Andrew and Jon Erwin. Executive producers include Jeremy Camp, Matt Balm, Bart Millard, Jon Gunn, Tony Young and Scott Lumpkin. Co-producers include Chad Ahrendt, Joshua Walsh, Jerilyn Esquibel, Madeline Carroll and Kevin Downes.

The story begins with Jeremy entering college and immediately falling for a girl he sees in the audience at a concert on campus who was showing a deep love for music. In getting to know her he learns her mind and heart are always focused on God. She shows him how to reach deep into his soul when writing his music. That sparks something in him as he begins to express his love and faith in God through his music and through story/testimony. Jeremy also meets Melissa's best friend who is a well known Christian singer on campus - Jean-Luc. After learning about Jeremy's guitar skills, Jean-Luc encourages him to come on stage to share his music - which the audience loved. This ignited his rise to the top of the Christian music charts - debuting in 2000. The climax of I Still Believe is just as exciting; when Jeremy asks Melissa to marry him at around the same time she learns she has advanced stomach cancer. Her faith in God's Will being what is best keeps her level headed throughout the ordeal as prayers were answered, as the two were married (in 2000) and as life takes an unexpected turn four months later.

As God has it, in life all bad experiences are a stepping stones to something bigger and better. With Melissa's love still in his heart, Jeremy took to the charts and made it to the top as a Christian singer/songwriter. Years later he meets a fan that reminds him of Melissa. Remembering what he promised Melissa before she passed - to love again - and seeing all the similarities in the two of them, Jeremy opened his heart up to love again and married his second wife Adrienne - a Christian Rock singer. He went on to release four studio albums and two live recordings. His music is Christian, Praise & Worship and Gospel - with Rock influence. Camp also won five Dove Awards and three American Music Awards. He has over 30 #1 hits on Christian radio and is an ordained minister.

Jeremy and his second wife Adrienne had three children - Isabelle Rose, Egan Thomas and Arianne Mae. Adrienne supported him in writing an autographical book about his first wife Melissa and even supports him in telling Melissa's story over and over again. God's Will, through all of life's bad adversities, is that "all things work out for the good, for those that love God and do according to His Word."

"I Still Believe" is a Kingdom Story Company, Kevin Downes, Erwin Brothers Entertainment production.

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