The Pulse of Entertainment - February 16, 2021

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Latin Entertainer Rosita Stone Joins Rock Solid Talent Entertainment with the Release of a New Single ‘Decide Already'

Eunice Moseley


(February 16, 2021) - "Feels like I am just starting," said Rosita Stone, a very entertaining Latin American Achievement Award winning Spanish Pop singer and songwriter who left the business after the tragic accidental death of her husband. Stone withdraw from the business to grieve. Now, joining forces with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment label she is back again as a singer, songwriter, producer (piano and guitar) and dancer. " husband died in a motorcycle accident...I was not available. Between my daughter and my love for the music...I can feel the joy."

Rosita is a Canadian of Mexican-Russian/Ukrainian descent making her one of a kind not only in nationality, but in looks, sound and style. She is a well-rounded artist, the kind I normally call "entertainers" because they do it all - Stone is one. Her new single is titled "Decide ya por fi (Decide Already)" (RSTE), a nice Pop selection that highlights her showmanship talents. The single is produced by Rosita and Dennis Nieves (Shakira, Jennifer Lopez).

"We put that out to test it," Rosita said of the Pop single when I mentioned how a ballad I heard shows her outstanding vocal abilities. "I co-produce everything. in Toronto...we have a few others (songs). I'm working also with a producer in Los Angeles, Big Chris, we're putting together...a theme song for a global TV show."

Stone already has a single as the theme song of a movie called "Mother to Child" where you can really hear the outstanding vocals she possesses. It is an emotional song for the multi-award winning film Figment. She has co-written projects with several Nashville hit-makers and has worked with a two-time Grammy winning producer. The Los Angeles producer she talked about, Big Chris Flores, has produced projects for Slash of Guns & Roses and Fergie of Black Eyes Peas. She has performed with Michael Buble', The Canadian Tenors and two-time Grammy winning Latin icon Carlos Vives.

"That's the genre I like," she said about her ballad "Mother to Child." "I write different genres of songs though. My new single is Pop/Latin. But I have a slew of new songs that show me vocally."

Rosita said the single "Decide ya por fi" is a fun song. Because of the pandemic her album project may have changed its release date, but in the mean time she has launched her own show "Rolling with Rosita Stone." You see, in Latin America the name Rosita Stone turns heads.

Her debut was titled "The Real Deal" (Easy Entertainment/Universal Music Group) and was released in Colombia and all of South America. The result was much media interest in the entertainer as she was interviewed by the famous Julio Sanchez Cristo, Rolling Stone Latin, MSN Latin, Univision, Shock Magazine and TV Grama (the equivalent of People's Magazine), and she had her music played on intercontinental networks such as Caracol and RCN. Her music videos have also won awards by CityTV Latin for having two music videos reach their Top 40 Chart and being in rotation for two weeks consecutively.

"I'm trying to keep busy," she said about the pandemic motivating her to launch her new show "Rolling with Rosita Stone." "I love interviewing. It's a musical show with interviews, my dog will be there - an intimate setting with guests playing songs will have a twist."

Stone also said you will get to see her perform - what a treat. 


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