The Pulse of Entertainment - May 15, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Bishop Kervy Brown Wants You to Know Christ is ‘Coming Back Again' on New Single


(May 15, 2020) - "People keep asking, ‘When you coming out,'" said Bishop Kervy Brown about why he released a new single titled "Coming Back Again" (Uplifting Music in the Spotlight/Devine Jamz).

The Bishop heads the Greater Deliverance Temple, called the Praise Headquarters in Danville, Virginia. He is known for his very soulful vocals during the delivery of God's Word as part of his ministry.

He was ordained as a Pastor in 2009 and became a Bishop in 2018. His road to becoming a Bishop, with a powerful vocal ministry, began at the age of five in New York where he was raised. He said to me that his ministry and singing started at the same time. I can see him now at five years-old singing with his mother, Mary Brown, who was the lead singer of a Gospel group called The Faith Gospel Singers and his vocal mentor. At the tender age of 10 years-old, though a member of a Methodist church, Kervy decided he wanted to be a member of the Bethel Way of the Cross Church of Christ, lead by Bishop James Hicks, and his parents let him.

Bishop Brown went on to become a professional Gospel singer performing with such Gospel greats as James Cleveland and Rev. Charles Hicks. He then became the lead vocalist in Bishop Hezekiah Walkers' "Love Fellowship Crusade" Choir. It was as a member of this choir where Brown became a recording artist appearing as the lead vocalist on the Hezekiah Walker "Lord Do It" project.

"The pandemic came...and I was trying to figure out what I can say to encourage the people in this time," the Bishop said continuing to talk about the reason for the release of the "Coming Back Again" single. "This song came to my mind. I thought it would be a blessing to the body of Christ."

When I asked if we can expect an album to follow Bishop Kervy Brown said, "I just want to put this single out for now."

So Bishop Brown is out with another recording project that has a message reminding the world not to panic, that Jesus Christ is coming back again.

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