The Pulse of Entertainment - January 28, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Rapper Deshawn White's New EP, ‘The Trailer' and Upcoming Album ‘Deshawn White' is ‘Based on a True Story'

By Dr. Eunice Moseley


(January 28, 2022) - "I want to bring hope to the hopeless," said rapper/singer/songwriter Deshawn White about his "Based on a True Story" (323 Records/Devine Jamz Records) Christian/Gospel project that consist of an EP titled "The Trailer: Based on a True Story" (out January 28, 2022) and the album "Deshawn White: Based on a True Story" (out April 22nd). "Shout-out to Devine Jamz, they help me tell my story to a wider platform."

White is currently promoting the EP's single "Burn."

"The EP, ‘The Trailer,' is like a movie trailer...small clips of a couple singles off the album "Deshawn White," he pointed out. "The first part of the album is the EP out January 28th called ‘The Trailer,' and ‘Deshawn White: Based on a True Story' the album is out April 22nd."

"Music is therapy. Music helps me," Deshawn said. "The project is my life story. I share the lost of my mom - who was my grandmother she raised me, my transition to fatherhood. People get to see what I'm dealing with, my transitions through life."

"I always felt my life was a movie. I've stepped over dead bodies - all that," White pointed out. "The album is like my life, it's like a movie and like a movie first is the trailer before the movie is released."

"My music has been prolific. I go into a room turn on the music and let the beat and the Lord speak to me," he explained. "I'm Paul the Apostle...God came to me and said, ‘I brought you to this moment...I was preparing you for this very moment. Use your music as a weapon'."

Deshawn released his first single in 2007 "Drop It to the Ground" which reached local radio and then spread out to regional radio. His first studio album was "My Story." A Tennessee native, White grew up listening to an array of artists from Linkin Park to Tupac. His introduction to the music of DMX changed his world and inspired him because of his aggressive sound and delivery. Deshawn White's sound, to me, has that Biggy Smalls vibe. He had the pleasure of traveling behind stage with Cash Money Records, and then later in 2010 he released a mixtape titled "What Up." That featured Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, and was produced by Hot Rod. He also travel with the Lil Wayne "America's Most Wanted" Tour and experienced a profound moment that changed his life to the point that he began studying Islam and Christianity. In 2011 he released his first Christian album "Hold On."

In 2015 Deshawn released "Before the Ceiling Falls." The year 2018 had White launching his own label 323 Records and he soon released the "Dance Party" and "Power Trippin'" singles which found a spot on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 150 Independent Chart. In 2019 he released the "Power Trippin'" EP and later on the "Blood in the Water" EP. The "Blood in the Water" track received over 2 million Spotify streams. In 2020 he released an R&B/Hip-Hop EP titled "Good Thing." It reached #8 on iTunes R&B Music Chart. He also collaborated with BMI award-winning songwriter/producer Kia Shine on his "Sauce Inme" single. Deshawn also released a very popular tribute single for Spider-Man: No Way Home that received air time on Channel 5 (WCYB) in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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